Homemade beer, all directions

Homemade beer, all directions

Homemade beer: the whole step-by-step procedure to make a good and healthy drink at home, even for those who try their hand at DIY for the first time.

Some research has shown that beer, obviously if drunk in moderation, is able to provide vitamins and mineral salts useful for our body. This drink is obtained from cereals; succeeds, therefore. to maintain a proper balance between ethanol and other nutrients. This is why its consumption can be included in a balanced diet

Homemade beer, the whole procedure step by step

In recent years, thanks also to the excellent results that can be had, the concept of home-brewed beer is spreading more and more. Obviously, special kits are needed, which are also easily available online and include everything needed to make beer at home.

Since I love beer (especially together with pizza) and I was curious about the opportunity to make it at home, I decided to try making it myself. The kit for homemade beer can be found in many shops, also easily online, at a price ranging from 60.00 euros to about 90.00 euros. I bought it on Amazon; here a very complete kit can be bought with 69,90 and free shipping. To make your evaluations, I refer you to the product sheet: “beer fermentation kit with lager malt“. The kit will allow you to produce 23 liters of homemade beer.

After some experimentation and my perseverance, I was able to customize the beer according to my tastes. I added a few more ingredients… and the result was truly amazing!

What does a home brew kit contain?

The kit generally includes: a 1.5 kg can of prepared malt (to prepare 23 liters of beer). A fermenter, a bubbler, a tap, an adhesive thermometer to control the temperature of the must. It is also equipped with a sterilizing product, a capping machine, a sugar dispenser. It also contains a long-handled plastic spatula and a hydrometer for checking the gradation. Not all home brewing kits come with a can of brewed malt. In this case you will have to buy it separately.

How to prepare the wort for homemade beer

  1. Soak the malt can for about ten minutes, making sure that you have first removed the packet of yeast that is usually under the lid
  2. After opening the can with the help of a classic can opener, pour the now fluid content into a very large pot already containing about 3 liters of boiling water. To recover the malt stuck to the walls of the can, simply pour a little boiling water into it. Pour everything into the pot where the rest of the malt is
  3. At this point in the pot, together with the prepared malt, add a kilo of cooking sugar: recommended dose to reach about 4 ° alcohol by volume of the beer produced. If you prefer, you can substitute cooking sugar with other types of sweeteners. For example stevia, acacia honey
  4. After adding the type of sweetener you want, mix the mixture well until you get a homogeneous mixture
  5. Once this is done, leave the must to cool for a few minutes. This operation must be carried out quickly to avoid leaving the must in contact with the air for too long. For example, I fill the sink with cold water and immerse the pot containing the wort for a few minutes.

Pay attention to hygiene!

To make a good home-brewed beer, we must not neglect cleanliness and hygiene. Rinse the fermenter with a sterilizing solution obtained with the material usually included in the kit. In any case, any instrument that will come into contact with beer will need to be well sterilized first.

How to fill the fermenter

  1. As soon as the must has cooled a little, transfer the mixture to the fermenter
  2. Before doing this, pour about 4 liters of cold water, pour the mixture then fill the fermenter with more cold water until it reaches 23 liters. Generally there are notches on the fermenter that indicate the quantity of content
  3. At this point, check that the temperature is between 18 ° and 24 °. This is shown on the fermenter adhesive thermometer
  4. Pour the yeasts contained in the sachet into the must
  5. Mix with the ladle provided (after it has been sterilized), making sure that the temperature of the must remains between 18 and 24 degrees. Otherwise the fermentation will stop
  6. Once the wort has been poured (the tap must be closed), hermetically close the fermenter with the supplied lid then insert the bubbler
  7. Pour a little disinfectant solution into the bubbler up to the mark.

Here's everything we needed to do for home brewing. If no gross errors have been made, the fermentation of the wort should begin within 2 to 3 hours. This can be recognized by the noise produced by the bubbler.

How to bottle homemade beer

Fermentation generally lasts seven to eight days. after the necessary time, you can proceed with bottling. The duration of fermentation depends a lot on the temperature, the higher it is, the faster the fermentation.

  1. Sterilize all bottles using the sterilant supplied with the home brew kit
  2. Once a bottle is filled, leave about 3 cm. between the beer and the mouth of the bottle
  3. Add a little sugar with the measuring cup supplied with the kit. This procedure is used to start a second fermentation in the bottle which will allow the formation of gas and consequently of foam.
  4. Once the sugar has been added, proceed with the capping. Be careful not to add a lot of sugar. Especially in hot weather to prevent the bottles from exploding
  5. Once corked, leave the bottles for a few days at a temperature between 18 and 24 degrees. In this way the second fermentation is facilitated
  6. At this point, move to a cool place away from direct light and let it rest for at least a month before being consumed. A further maturation of a couple of months can further improve taste and aroma. They must be consumed no later than two years.

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