Breeds of goats and characteristics

Breeds of goats and characteristics

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What kind of goat are you? It can be interpreted as an insult, but also as a serious and technical question, if we are talking about goats and we want to understand features of the animal in front of us. The breeds of goats derive from wild goat from the Caucasus and Asia Minor, an animal similar to the sheep but which is recognized for its coat with long and little wavy hair. More than for the company, goat breeds are usually valued for their milk and meat.

Goat breeds: characteristics

There are characteristics that belong to most of the breeds of goats which we then go to see in more detail. They are considered gods domestic sheep (Ovies aries) which have as ancestors the mouflon (Ovies musimon, O. orientalis), the ural (O. vignei) and the argali (O. ammon). Goats have been domesticated for centuries and live next to us, producing milk, meat and wool.

One of the first considerations to make if we are choosing breeds of goats, it's the one about why we want one. It can be used to produce milk, or wool, or meat, or for reproduction. It is important, to better evaluate, take into account the climate and geographic location.

Dairy goats: breeds

The main sheep-goat breeds are divided into those of sheep and goats. Among the breeds of goats there are other subdivisions including those between Italian and foreign.

Goat breed Saanen

Originally from Switzerland, this goat breed mainly lives in European countries but also in some extra Europeans. It is usually used for intensive livestock housing or with partial use of grazing. In Europe today it is one of the most widespread breeds, too in Italy we find it in very different areas, in the South, in Puglia, for example, but also in the North, in Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, and then in the center, in Tuscany and Lazio. This goat has been officially recognized since 1973 and valued for its milk.

Goat breed Maltese

It comes from the Middle East and the Mediterranean basin but is present in Italy, especially in the South, Sicily in the first place. Mainly used for milk production, it can be raised in the wild, semi-wild and housed.

Swiss goat breeds

Officially, 10 breeds are registered in the Herd Book of the Swiss Goat Breeding Federation (FSAC), including Saanen already mentioned. The Swiss goat breeds are quite in demand, just think of the Camosciata delle Alpi and that of Toggenburg which have among their merits good milk produced and agility. On the increase in number of heads, among the Swiss goat breeds, we find the Buren (Borea), also the Nera Verzasca, Ticino, it is known, recognizable by its carbon black coat.

French goat breed

The breeds of goats are numerous, among the best known we find the Poitevine, originally from central-western France also called the Poitou goat. Numerous cheeses famous in France and around the world are made from its milk.

Breeds of dwarf goats

If we talk about dwarf goat breeds without being an expert, we certainly mean the Dwarf of Africa, or the Tibetan goat even if Tibetan is not because this breed is originally from Somalia.

Breeds of wool goats

The most famous I am sure those for Cashmere, of medium-small size and with a hair that can be long or short, in colors ranging from cream to black

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