Vine mold, gray and white mold

Vine mold, gray and white mold

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Mold of the vine: remedies for botrytis and powdery mildew, the diseases of the vine which cause the appearance of gray mold or white mold on grapes.

Therecultivation of the vineshould be performed by minimizing the risk factors that favor the appearance of fungal diseases such asbotrytisand thepowdery mildew.

Botrytis is powdery mildew they are relatively easy to prevent diseases. In fact, in the vineyard, if a lot of air circulates between the branches and the sun is able to filter well, these parasitic microorganisms will not find the ideal conditions for taking root.

Mold on grapes: powdery mildew and botrytis

The most obvious symptoms of thebotrytisare represented by the appearance of gray mold on grapes. To cause such illnesses is the mushroomBotrytis cinerea. Similarly, the mushroom ofpowdery mildew causes the appearance of white mold on grape berries.

As stated, good air circulation prevents the onset of fungal diseases and parasitic attacks (powdery mildew, moth, botrytis, downy mildew ...). By limiting excessive vegetative growth, so as to allow good air circulation and light penetration, you will be able to prevent:

  • Vine moth
  • Downy mildew of the vine
  • Powdery mildew, white vine mold
  • Botrytis, gray mold of the vine

To prevent the appearance of themold on grapesjust run a strongdefoliationusing an agronomic technique that has always been known: thegreen pruning of the vine.

Green pruning of the vine to prevent grape mold

Green pruning is an intervention aimed at balancing the canopy of the vineyard. Defoliation (green pruning of the vine) will have to be done early. When?

It is performed immediately after the end of the fruit set and / or simultaneously with the last stage of grape ripening.Generally, this period coincides with the end of August and the beginning of October.

Be careful not to anticipate the period of green grape pruning too much: if you act in mid-August you risk causing burns to the berries in formation that are more exposed to direct sunlight.

For more information on when and how to prune the vine:when to prune the vine.


If in previous years you have already had problems withpowdery mildeworbotrytis(i.e. white mold and gray mold) in addition to green pruning, you can implement preventive treatments based on cupric products.

Preventive treatments should be done especially during rainy seasons or in the presence of hail which increases the risk of onset of fungal diseases, including gray mold of the vine and white mold (powdery mildew).

Gray mold of the vine, botrytis

Therebotrytisit is difficult to treat when infestations are already underway. This is why we focused above all on preventive treatment.

If the disease appears, act as promptly as possible with the application of a copper-based fungicide.

Act promptly by eliminating (as far as possible) the moldy parts and spraying the plants with Bordeaux mixture: the treatment should be repeated about every 10 days until the problem is completely resolved.

Bordeaux mixture is also a widely used remedy in organic farming and for this reason it can be found in any agricultural consortium. Those who prefer to buy and sell online can buy a one kg bag of Bordeaux mixture (wettable powder) at a price of 10.90 euros with free shipping. For all information, please refer to the product sheet: Bordeaux mixture.

White mold on grapes: powdery mildew

Unlike gray mold, white mold has a wider range of intervention. You can intervene with the prevention with the same Bordeaux mixture or, in case of an infestation already in progress, you can use a specific product.

To treat white grape mold (powdery mildew), you can use specific pesticides. It is a very effective pesticide. For all the information, once again we refer you to the product sheet:Penconazole 10.5%.

Such a product also exerts some effectiveness against gray mold (botrytis).

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