Roses with sugar paste

Roses with sugar paste

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The illustrated guide to makingroses with sugar paste. Instructions, step by step, to make a DIY rose with sugar paste so as to decorate cakes and sweets in an impeccable way.

A goodsugar pasteit is malleable and easy to work with. To make sure of thebeautiful roses, you need to be sure you are using thesugar pastewith the best consistency and the right degree of humidity. If you have doubts about the sugar paste you are using, you can compare your recipe with the one I gave you in the guideHow to make sugar paste.

Sugar paste, what is it

As the name suggests, it is a “moldable compound” made from sugar, water and gelatin.

Theresugar pasteit is used to completely line cakes, biscuits and sweets. It is also used to create all sorts of decorations, from fictional characters to miniatures of fruit, houses, mountains or roses! Theroses with sugar pastethey are a great classic of confectionery decorations.

Sugar paste has not only an aesthetic role! While it has the advantage of making the cake more aesthetically pleasing, in practice the sponge cake covered with sugar paste will remain soft and moist for longer.

In short, the sugar paste acts as a "food film" that protects the sweets from dehydration and preserves the natural softness of the sponge cake it covers.

Theresugar pastethat we find on the market has high prices but those who want to produce only a few roses can face this expense. It becomes inconvenient to buy the sugar paste already prepared to line an entire cake! If you intend to line and decorate the cake in addition, you should make the sugar paste at home.

Small curiosity:
Do your friends feel innovative because they have been using sugar paste before you? Well… know that the first confectionery applications with sugar paste date back to at least the 16th century!

How to make sugar paste roses

Therosethey are a classic decoration, they go perfectly with any occasion and type of dessert, from cakes to biscuits. If lining a cake with sugar paste can be a task for everyone, making roses can be onea littlemore complicated. No fear! There is a trick for everything!

Would you like to learn how to make sugar paste roses like the ones in the photo above? Yes true? What if I told you that there is a mold that can help you?

Yes, there are molds and shapes to make roses, 3D stars and snowflakes with sugar paste. Beautiful, is not it? But before daydreaming, know that good dexterity and a pinch (preferably two!) Of experience are also required to use the molds.

The molds don't do everything themselves. In the following photo, the images showing the formation of a are shownrose with sugar paste.

Once you get the rose,rolling upthe tile of the petals on itself, you will have to enlarge the rose until you get the effect you want. From the half-closed bud like the one obtained in the photo, to a rose with more open petals. The open petals, in my opinion, are more decorative, in this case you will have to work every single petal with your fingertips in order to create a light "sway"Which brings the two ends of the petal towards the outside of the rose. Not only the classic rose, with special tiles it is possible to make roses with curled petals.

Where to buy the molds for making roses? This kind of tiles are very popular, you can find them in confectionery shops or by taking advantage of online purchases.

On Amazon a kit of shapes and molds for decorations with sugar pasteSugar paste molds (flowers, roses, stars and snowflakes) can be purchased at a price of 10.99 euros with free shipping. For product images and all information I invite you to visit the Amazon page:.

If you are creative and fatigue does not scare you, you can evaluate the idea of ​​making stamps and molds yourself for decorations with sugar paste. If you have a cardboard (clean and for food use), just arm yourself with compasses, pencils and scissors to get a personalized mold and make roses with sugar paste from the size you most desire.

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