Do it yourself international removals, useful tips

Do it yourself international removals, useful tips

If you are considering moving across national borders, you will have to perform an almost endless series of tasks and moving is one of the most difficult.

International removals are really difficult to organize and good advice is never enough. On this page you will find a series of tricks to organize a do it yourself international removals low cost and above all low stress!

International removals, prices

The cost of a international relocation it is not irrelevant. Transporting loads of boxes, appliances or even furniture, from one country to another in the European Union, may require a considerable investment.

The do-it-yourself, in this context not only is it not recommended but also risks not saving you: suitcases and boxes, by train or plane, are charged as separate loads. The method plus a low cost to arrange a do it yourself international removals involves the involvement of a third-party transporter, which has nothing to do with the moving agencies.

When you contact a moving agency you find yourself, unknowingly, paying:

  • the service to the agency acting as an intermediary
  • the manpower of the guys who come to load or pack your things
  • loading and unloading of materials
  • the journey and delivery
  • insurance for the agency and insurance for the carrier.

To cut on cost gods international removals it is possible to eliminate the intermediaries and directly contact a transporter with regular insurance and all the faculties to provide for the loading and unloading of goods. This is your best bet for providing a international move with do it yourself!

Do-it-yourself international move

It doesn't matter if you are looking for international removals from Milan, from Naples or Brescia, because the solution is unique and is good for all those who want to move abroad without having to invest a capital in moving house!

As stated, it is possible to organize a international relocation by contacting i movers so as to save on cost the final. How? Taking advantage of a free service on the web:

Macingo offers a free service that can help you compare costs of international removals offered by more than 100 movers professionals. Professionals means that they are accredited and authorized to access the city and historic centers, also bypassing the Limited traffic areas, professionals means they will succeed in move your material quickly, safely and above all without nasty surprises.

Thanks to Macingo you can find the best price for yours international relocation. The quote can be requested free of charge, without any obligation and in just 60 seconds. Just enter your transport request and join the thousands of users who have already been satisfied with this service.

Among the latest international transports carried out we point out that from Chateau-Renault (France) to Udine, from Pompeii to Budzyn (Poland) from Rome to Hollywood ... In short, the removals, for Macingo, they have no borders and you just have to relax in all phases of moving house.

Tips for organizing a do-it-yourself move

Whether it's a national or international move, the first advice is to rely on Macingo's services in order to guarantee you the best price.

Plus, take advantage of the moving house to bring some order to your life: it's not a metaphor! Take a look at your things: are they all necessary? Start giving away the items you no longer use, take the opportunity to understand if that particular item of clothing or that book is really essential. Do you plan to re-read that book in the next 10 years? Um ... if you have any doubts you can donate it to the library of your city.

In case of bulky material, moving by container could be the best solution. The container is calculated in cubic capacity and a professional knows how to best package your objects to take up as little space as possible. Generally the dimensions of the containers are expressed in feet, there are containers of 20 or 40 feet, that is, that start from about six meters long by about two and a half meters wide.

In the request for a quote that you make on Macingo, try to briefly describe the amount of material you intend to transport in order to have quotes that are as faithful to your real needs.

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