Chocolate and dogs

Chocolate and dogs

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Chocolate and dogs, bad idea, this association of ideas because in fact it is not a food suitable for animals, especially the canine species. It is obviously not a diet or gluttony problem, God forbid, is that the theobromine, contained in cocoa in variable percentages depending on the type of chocolate we buy, is harmful for the dog beyond a certain threshold and is not easy determine what this threshold is from time to time. It is therefore necessary to be cautious, because an exaggerated quantity can also have fatal effects.

Chocolate and dogs: is it bad?

Yes, it definitely hurts, even if i dogs would like to eat it in large quantities. That is why it is better not to compromise but to ban it entirely, so as not to take risks. As we go crazy, even our four-legged friends are crazy about it, fortunately for us, for the human species there is no risk of chocolate overdose. In reverse the combination of chocolate and dogs it's downright dangerous.

Theobromine, the substance responsible for any intoxication, can lead to death, or to less serious but certainly not pleasant consequences. A small breed dog with 20-30 grams of fondant may need to be brought in run to the vet.

Chocolate and dogs: intoxication

The risk is of intoxication, for an average dog weighing 11 kg, exceeding 100 grams of chocolate can be non-lethal but risky. THE more significant symptoms and frequent are vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, labored breathing, muscle tremors and convulsions.

Lethal doses vary from dog to dog, e from chocolate to chocolate, so it is better not to indicate them so as not to trigger misunderstandings with consequence to be really avoided.

Chocolate and dogs: remedies

I imagine that, having said that, no one starts giving as a snack to your own chocolate dog, but it may happen that you find some around or that some ill-informed acquaintance gives it to you, ignoring the danger. When we realize that the animal has ingested large quantities of chocolate but we see no symptoms, we can try to induce vomiting.

One method is to dissolve a tablespoon of coarse salt in a little water and make the dog drink it forcibly. If nothing happens, we immediately take the dog to the vet who will give him emetic drugs. If instead we already see gods signs of intoxication, we can immediately run to the vet without DIY attempts that would only waste us time.

Chocolate for dogs

If we really are chocolate lovers and it bothers us to eat it in front of him while he stares at us with two big eyes eager to share so much goodness with us, that's what he does for us. A chocolate especially for dogs, in 5 different flavors, for 10 euros, on Amazon.

Dark chocolate and dogs

The dark chocolate it is as harmful as that of other types for the dogindeed, it is more harmful than the others even if in theory it is less sweet and, for us hands, healthier. If, theoretically, we have a dog of 11 kg, the lethal dose of fondant is 400 grams, for the milk chocolate, over double: 866 grams.

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