Blue surgeonfish

Blue surgeonfish

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Surgeon fish, became known mainly thanks to fish Dory, much loved character from the cartoon "Finding Nemo" but interesting to know also for its particular habits, in nature. It has colors that make it stand out and some behaviors that made it worthy of its nickname.

It is among the most popular of fish for marine aquarium.

Dory surgeonfish

The fish we see in the Disney film is, to be exact, the "Pacanthurus hepatus”And is also called white-throated surgeonfish because it shows a characteristic color of the livery. It is easy to find Dory's brothers for sale, after the Disney film there was a boom in demand, but it is not at all easy to breed as a fish.

Sure, looks very nice and it is easy to win the hearts of young and old because unlike many fish that can be anonymous and sulky, the surgeonfish is rare to find among its peers. When a specimen is frightened, nervous, upset or sick, it seems to change expression just like in a cartoon. Turn pale and has attitudes that are anomalous to our eyes.

Surgeon fish: characteristics

In general, the surgeonfish has characteristics that distinguish it from others. Has a oval, flattened body sideways until it seems almost flat. The eyes are of medium size and are located high, far from the mouth which instead appears on the tip of the muzzle, it is not immediate to see it because it is rather small.
As for the fins, this dorsal fish has only one which however is equipped with some small rays complete with spines.

Surgeon fish: feeding

To feed a surgeonfish it is good to make sure that they are in the aquarium daily of nori seaweed, his favorites, but that we can easily find in grocery stores, as well as in supermarkets, since seaweed is also used for sushi.

The surgeonfish also loves other types of algae and, to ensure a complete and healthy diet, we can occasionally also give it some feed or enrich his menu with vitamins.

Surgeon fish: can be dangerous

Eating us is excluded, because it is a herbivorous fish and also has a intestine rather long but certainly not suitable for digesting a human being. Of course, the name of surgeonfish can be intimidating to the idea that it can tear us apart. It is explained by the presence of a sort of stiletto which, however, is only a defense weapon. It can be retracted and has one on both sides. It is a cutting weapon, it is sharp, can remember the scalpel and that's why the fish was nicknamed surgeon.

Surgeon fish in the aquarium

The surgeonfish can live in the aquarium as long as he is ensured space to swim and adequate "furniture". The risk is that our friend suffers, locked up, for example for lack of hiding places that must be suitable and numerous, or of one algae layer where it can graze in freedom.

The dimensions of the aquarium are fundamental, better it is more than 300 liters, both for reasons of movement and oxygenation.

Japonicus surgeonfish

L'Acanthurus japonicus it is one of the smallest varieties and is therefore one of the most suitable to be hosted at home: it is not necessary to dedicate an entire pool to it! As a disadvantage, this surgeonfish has the fact that it tends to be extremely territorial, therefore to "take possession" of the waters. It is not easy to soften this side of his character, he always wants to be the center of attention.

Achilles surgeonfish

L'Achilles it is one of the best known fish of this species today. Unlike the previous one, it is very difficult to keep in the aquarium because it is delicate and little adaptable to environments that are different from the one in which it was born. However, it is very beautiful to admire because it is all dark and with a splendid orange spot that stands out when it becomes an adult on its body, making it recognizable and envied.

Surgeon fish: price

The price of a surgeonfish it can vary from a few tens of euros to many more, but the cost of the aquarium, accessories and maintenance of this host. Both as food and as "maintenance" of his home / aquarium. If we are not convinced, better bet on a soft 30 cm Dory plush for 17 euros, also on Amazon.

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