Heat pump water heater

Heat pump water heater

Heat pump water heater dedicated to the production of domestic hot water. How it works, you consume, prices and when it is convenient.

Choosing an electric water heater is not at all simple: you have to extricate yourself from a long series of offers, devices and technologies. Among the most efficient electric boilers we point out theheat pump water heater.

Alternatives to the electric water heater:the heat pump water heater

If it is true that it presupposes a certainly greater initial expenditure commitment, it is also true that these costs are immediately amortized even within a couple of years.

The lucky ones can then equip themselves with a solar thermal system that allows you to heat the water using solar energy. But it doesn't stop there, there is another alternative. Still little known but excellent for heating water for domestic use is the heat pump water heater which over time hopes to replace both the old generation electric and gas ones.

Heat pump water heater, is it worth it?

In fact, it has been calculated that replacing an electric water heater with a heat pump system could bring enormous advantages in terms of energy consumption, even estimated at around 75%. For the experts it heat pump water heater represents a real revolution green capable of offering constant savings over time.

The convenience lies in the fact that it does not require complex plumbing systems like a boiler (therefore it has low installation costs like a normal electric water heater) and, in addition, it is able to supply domestic hot water to costs significantly lower than traditional systems, with the added value of respect for the environment, thanks to the reduced emission of harmful gases.

The new ones heat pump water heater they are able to produce large quantities of domestic hot water with considerable savings in electricity by using renewable aerothermal energy.

Heat pump water heater, operation

Through a compression and expansion cycle of the R134a refrigerant, the heat pump water heater draws the heat contained in the ambient and / or external air, transferring it to the tank water, ready for use.

In this way, the only electricity used is that necessary for the operation of the air extractor and the compressor, with low energy consumption. It is a highly energy efficient product as it consumes only 1/3 of electricity compared to a traditional water heater.

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How does theelectric boiler with heat pump

Theheat pump boilerit is an evolution of the classic electric water heaterused for the production of domestic hot water. Onewater heater with heat pumpit works by extracting thermal energy from the air and transferring it to water with a minimum of electricity consumption.

Theheat pump water heaterit does not need cumbersome installations or maintenance. Maintenance is minimal, far less than that required by a boiler.

Compared to classic electric water heaters, theheat pump boilerto heat the waterexploit the principle of reverse refrigeration cycle, by which the thermal energy contained in the air is transferred directly to the water in the tank so as to cause it to heat up.

Thereheat pumphas a COP (coefficient of performance, thanks to which the energy efficiency of the device can be deduced) equal to 3.6, this means that for each kW of energy absorbed by the electricity grid, it is able to return 3.6 thermal kW.

Relating this speech to theheat pump water heaters, it can be said that a heat pump boiler is able to heat water with up to 75% lower consumption than a classic electric water heater.

Such performances make the system ofheat pump water heatingeven more effective and cost-effective than a boiler: aheat pump boilerit consumes 30% less than a traditional natural gas boiler.

Currently, most ofheat pump boiler on the market consist of a vertical tank pre-assembled with the internal heat pump and therefore they are easy and quick to install.

Another fundamental constituent of theheat pump water heateris the internal resistance, thanks to which theheat pumpit is able to produce domestic hot water even when the outside temperature is below 0 degrees centigrade.

Heat pump water heater, consumption

Aelectric water heaterit can offer excellent energy savings when associated with a heat pump, a solar tracker system (solar boiler) or a geothermal system.

The most powerful models are able to provide domestic hot water to meet the needs of a family of up to six members, managing to provide 300 liters of hot water with an efficiency that guarantees savings of 75% compared to classic electric water heaters.

Heat pump water heater, prices

The running costs of oneheat pump water heaterthey are much lower than the consumption of a traditional electric water heater.

They are not low, however, thepricespurchase. The cost of a heat pump water heater can range from around 600 euros for smaller models up to over 2,000 euros for the most performing and high-capacity models.

For a more precise idea of ​​performance and prices, please refer to the dedicated Amazon page: Heat pump water heater.

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