Social anxiety

Social anxiety

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Social anxiety, similar to social phobia, but not exactly identical. How the state of anxiety is not comparable to that of when we experience a strong phobia. L'Social anxiety it is much more common but not for this reason it should be underestimated. It seems, according to some recent studies, that in our continent, from 3% to 13% suffer from it, a slice of the population that includes mainly women, aged 30 or less. However, being difficult to define and diagnose, and to admit, theSocial anxiety can also emerge in individuals who are unsuspectingly at ease in the group. But then inside, who knows how they feel!

Social anxiety: meaning

Including that theSocial anxiety is not social phobia, let's see what it is. This expression is used to define a persistent and evident fear with respect to a social situation, it is felt when this opportunity to have relationships with others is foreseen and imminent. It is a fear, an anxiety, unmanageable.

One feels terror at the idea of ​​being with others because convinced that you will be judged, especially if perhaps you are forced to speak in public for work or for opportunity, express an opinion by declaring it explicitly.

In the throes of a social anxiety attack, you worry and embarrass yourself in advance, even before you make a fool of yourself, if you ever happen to make them. All this fear necessarily makes us more self-conscious, most likely those who don't know us see us weaker or stupid than we really are, if we are. The problem is that we are afraid of appearing as such, and we end up behaving in a way that others notice.

The indecisive voice, maybe some he stammers, his tone low, his hands shaking, clumsy gestures, shameful posture: all elements that do not play in our favor and that feed thesocial anxiety with whom we have already reached our appointment with the part of the world that is ready, in theory, to judge us.

Social anxiety: causes

Often people with social anxiety issues in order to lower anxiety levels, avoid the feared situations, but such behavior is a very powerful reinforcer and maintains the disorder. They also engage in protective behaviors such as put your hands on your face to hide the redness or wear sweaters to prevent sweating on your shirt. These strategies are counterproductive and maintain the vicious circle of social anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety: test

There is no objective test to evaluate our degree of social anxiety. We ourselves have to look in the mirror and understand if being with others has become a stress and a "duty" rather than a pleasure because of the discomfort we feel for our fears and insecurities.

Almost all of us suffer or have suffered from some moment of social anxiety and even the most daring, in their depths, are a little agitated when they have to expose themselves, but the natural and also understandable must be distinguished, splendidly human embarrassment, from what becomes a disorder with consequences on our life of relationships, between friends, at work and in the family.

Social anxiety: natural remedies

The more you try to treat social anxiety, the more you feed it. It is better to start relaxing by sleeping, not necessarily hours and hours, but sleeping well. So let's take care first of all, the Sleep Quality. Once this side is "fixed", we can move on to the next step to defeat social anxiety, practicing consistently 5 Tibetans.

Social anxiety: cure

Social anxiety disorder: the research for the Italian validation of the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS)
Our working group in collaboration with IPSICO - Institute of Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy andItalian Association for Social Anxiety Disorders (AIDAS) is conducting research, promoting knowledge of social anxiety disorder and its possible treatments on the one hand, helping to reduce the prejudices that accompany it within society on the other.

Social Anxiety: Books

I think everyone has to find their own recipe against social anxiety, but a few ideas to customize don't hurt! Here are a dozen, in the book "10 solutions to defeat shyness and social anxiety”By Martin M. Antony

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