Soft wood cutting or green cutting

Soft wood cutting or green cutting

Soft wood cutting: list of plants reproducible by cutting of green wood. Instructions on how to proceed, ideal period and advice to increase the chances of engraftment.

Soft wood cutting

Theresoft wood cutting, also known asgreen wood cutting, is taken from the most immature part of a stem or a branch.

In practice, the terminal part of the stem or the tip of a branch is taken and rooted. The rooting of a soft wood cutting it can occur both in water and in a substratum given by a mixture of well-moistened peat and little sand.

It's about acuttingvery easy to make but which has some"contraindication". Among all the cuttings, is the most difficult to keep well hydrated and for this reason it can risk drying out.

Within a few days, thesoft wood cuttingit can produce a good amount of roots, so you need to focus your care in a very short time.

The period for make the cutting it is brought forward to the months of March-April for the areas of southern Italy.

Soft wood cutting, ideal period

Formake the green wood cuttingyou have to take a branch of 10 - 20 cm from the mother plant, depending on the plant species. The apical area of ​​the stem, the younger one, should be taken.

The ideal time to withdrawgreen cuttingsfalls between the beginning of May and the end of June. The cuttings taken in this period, will take little to root and, by the autumn season, you will have ready, in single jars, your plants multiplied by cuttings. From the first rooting to planting, it is better to wait a few months.

The cuttings taken between May and June of this year can be planted in the ground or in larger containers in the spring of the following year.

Soft wood cutting, how to do it

Once the apex of a stem has been taken, you must remove all the leaves, leaving only a few on the apical area. Those leaves will be your indicator - watch them every day! If the plant cell loses turgor, the leaves will tend to wither then the substrate must be kept more humid. If the leaves fall, your cutting has failed!

If you notice that the leaves take on a new vigor and that new leaves are emerging from the main shoot, then your cutting has been successful.

For detailed instructions on how to make the cutting, we point out the most common green wood cuttings:

  • Cutting of geranium
  • Basil cutting
  • Rosemary cutting in water

Thecuttingsthey must be kept in a humid environment and in bright areas but not in direct contact with sunlight.

Plants reproducible by softwood cuttings

The reproducible plants by green cutting are numerous. In particular, you can take advantage of thereproduction by cutting of soft woodfor all spring or summer flowering shrubs, for all aromatic plants and for various conifers. To mention the most popular plantsreproducible by cutting of soft woodwe point out:

  • Philadelphus (Philadelphus)
  • Ceanoto (Ceanothus)
  • Forsythia (Forsythia)
  • Deutzia (Deutzia)
  • Weigela(Weigela)
  • Abelia (Abelia)
  • Lantana (Lantana)
  • Daphne (Daphne)
  • Broom (Genista)
  • Lavender(Lavandula)
  • Rosemary (Rosmarinus)
  • Rate (Taxus)
  • Juniper (Juniperus)
  • Tuia (Thuja)
  • Cypress (Cupressus)

Soft wood cutting, how to do it

Let's take the example of Lantana but the same procedure can be repeated for any plant that can be reproduced by soft wood cutting.

In March (south) and May (north), at the same time as pruning, you can pick from the lantana delle cuttings of 8-10 cm from the young shoots. The cut surface must be put in contact with rooting hormones, dipping the base of the seedling in the rooting powder. Put the base in water and then in the rooting powder, finally plant the cuttings in jars with universal soil or, more suitable, peat mixed with fine sand.

To increase the chances of engraftment, use on yoursbougainvillea cuttinga phytostimulating substance able to help root formation.

Purchase a cutting powder also known asrooting hormone,make sure it is developed for semi woody plants. Among the various rooting products we point out the rooting powder "Verde vivo", proposed on Amazon with free shipping at the price of € 12.60. There are many rooting agents available on the web and on Amazon, you are spoiled for choice.

In addition to using a rooting product, remember to always keep the soil moistsprayingwater but without wetting the cutting. Use water at room temperature and possibly distilled.

Once prepared, the jars with the lantana cuttings should be closed in transparent polyethylene bags for two weeks until the new jets appear. Remember to lift the bag to ensure air exchange, at least once a day.

If you don't want to use plastic bags, spray water around the cuttingsbut do not wet leaves and other plant parts. After two weeks, the cuttings should be uncovered and kept wet with exposure in full light with a temperature of 18-21 degrees (not in full sun, but in full light!). When the new shoots have become 5-8 centimeters long, the seedlings can be repotted.

In the photo above, cypresses and lavender, both reproducible by cutting of soft wood.

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