Tai Chi: benefits

Tai Chi: benefits

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Tai Chi, a martial art suitable for young people as well as for the elderly, which thanks to its gentle movements brings benefits to the health of the body and mind. It's not boring at all or too slow as it may seem, it is silently effective: let us explain how it acts to change us for the better.

Tai Chi: what it is

Born in China as a martial art of defense, is also described as sort of delicate boxing and extremely popular. The style is, for those with an expert eye, that of Chinese martial arts but today we certainly don't think about Tai Chi as a combat discipline.

It is more natural to associate it with an idea of gentle gymnastics, to a technique to prevent ailments and stay healthy, with a serene soul. Indeed, the purpose of this "Former" martial art it is not so much about keeping us fit or giving us big muscles, or even making us lose weight, but about guarantee us iron health, or robust, as far as possible.

In particular, it acts on some aspects of our life on which it is good to pause to understand if the Tai Chi is right for us.

Tai chi: benefits

The benefits concern particular areas and pathologies, which we will treat case by case, but first of all this gymnastics goes to act on our person as a whole. Body and mind, to allow us to reach a truly complete state of well-being. This means that you practice it it is good for muscles, lungs, heart, breathing and body movements.

The Tai chi it reduces stress, combines meditation and movement, takes care of the nervous system and is proving very effective in lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. It is often recommended for those with problems heart failure, because it is good for the heart, and even those who do not have them can prevent them by practicing the Tai chi and doing so that regular physical activity that does not make us lazy but not even obsessed with fitness.

Insomnia and anxiety, they can disappear or at least diminish, with the Tai chi, a discipline also included in the rehabilitation programs of stroke patients since the exercises concern breathing, but also stretching, for muscles and joints, as well as long and peaceful walks.

Who practices Tai chi it will also see its own increase ability to concentrate, moreover, the volume of the brain decreases less than expected with advancing age. This is not the only reason why those over 60 should all devote themselves to this Chinese martial art, given the benefits inherent in blood pressure, vascular resistance and pulse pressure.

Tai chi: origin

To learn more about the origins of this martial art before deciding if it can be useful, find the book on Amazon“Tai Chi Chuan. Origin and power of a martial art”Which, between theory and practice, tells how it was born. It is also a suitable reading for those who do not know much but are curious to know the general principles of this ancient method which after centuries and centuries continues to be considered effective. Between stories and advice, the book ends convinced at least to give a chance to Tai chi to make us a better person.

Tai Chi: exercises

Let's move on to the practical side, which can very well be accompanied by historical study, if you care a lot about it. On the other hand, those who have been attracted to benefits and are in a hurry to be able to enjoy them must know that by performing them Tai chi exercises it will only be found to make one series of slow and circular movements very similar to a dance, but without music.

Silence reigns, there is room for sound of nature that we are lucky enough to be able to exercise in a park, and we will draw energy or one feeling of great relaxation.

The secret lies inalternation, which makes it suitable even for the elderly, and it is a secret that has ancient origins and works because it is preserved without variations. May they be more lively exercises or aimed at relaxation, they will always be sweet and harmonious, never at risk of tearing or contractures.

Tai Chi: Milan

In parks, in gyms, you can practice Tai Chi on a regular basis, drawing the desired benefits, even in Milan where there is, as well as in other cities, an association that organizes courses and meetings. This is the cultural association Kwoon Kung Fu, located in via Apelle, 8 in the Gorla area.

In its spaces and in those of Alma Matters (via Alessandro Stradella, 5) they are held all year round numerous courses both to study and to practice this partial art with the spirit and principles remained intact from its origins. Those who want to know more can visit the website

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