Facial gymnastics

Facial gymnastics

Facial gymnastics, dedicated to the face and dedicated above all to those who are afraid of getting old, but not only. It is also a very useful practice for relaxing and improving the aesthetics of the face and facial expressions. It is ancient, as an idea, and also as a habit, but over time it has evolved and modernized, today there are numerous exercises and many new techniques aimed at both stretch your face, both for slow down the appearance of wrinkles, both for firming the cheeks.

Anti-wrinkle facial gymnastics

There primary function, is certainly to reduce wrinkles and it is thanks to this effective action that the Facial gymnastics it has taken hold in the West as well as in the East. Some even talk about it as a kind of natural facelift and at no cost, I don't know if they exaggerate or not, but it's worth a try.

Facial gymnastics: it works

It has been working for years, at least it has helped for centuries, the Facial gymnastics, to age well, but in our times of fashions that come and go, it suffers from a hiccup popularity that requires deepening, to allow us to formulate an opinion, if we consider it useful. He believes in Facial gymnastics, he will also believe in Yoga for the face, but the former is often offered together with physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions, for aesthetic purposes.

The goal of this practice is to help us maintain, or regain, greater elasticity of the skin of the face. One of the aspects that must push us to try, if interested, the Facial gymnastics, is the total absence of contraindications. And it's not just for women, it has the same effect on both females and males, and the desire for not have wrinkles on the face it is often shared.

Facial gymnastics: hair

Why the Facial gymnastics acts on the hair it is also necessary to act on the frontal muscle by placing the hands exactly on the forehead to push the frontal muscle upwards and then keep the contraction fixed for a few seconds. It goes repeated over and over and regularly, for it to take effect.

Facial gymnastics: cheeks

The cheeks are the area of ​​the face often most involved and it is therefore important and beneficial to know how to move them voluntarily. There facial gymnastics teaches us just this, to move the muscles of the face and keep them in training. The most suitable exercises are massages which concentrically lead us to firm up the various interested parts, often having beneficial effects onthe volume of the lips or cheekbones.

Facial gymnastics: nose

The nose, due to its central position, is always or almost always interested in the exercises of Facial gymnastics that are proposed, a good replacement of cosmetic surgery, certainly more expensive and not always lasting. When we want to have gods results on the nose, we must start from the upper part of the face and then go down, but let's not expect miracles in a few days, we need at least thirty, taking into account that it is 10 minutes a day of training in total, not just for the nose.

Facial gymnastics: eyes

Why the Facial gymnastics have an effect on the eyelids, also giving us a smooth forehead, we must focus on exercises that move this area by starting to frown, and then frown pretending to be sulking and remaining there for 10 seconds. Then we can assume a serene expression again, raising our eyebrows opening our eyes wide. This fake pout game, for it to have an effect, it must at least be repeated 10 times every day.

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