Ammonia for sweets

Ammonia for sweets

Ammonia for sweets: where to buy it, how to replace it and lots of useful information on food ammonia. How to use ammonia for sweets.

Those suffering from yeast intolerances can completely renounce leavened products or choose alternative leavening agents, thefood ammoniais one of them! Who seeks alternatives to ammonia for sweets can go directly to the last paragraph or consider the use ofsourdough or homemade sourdough.

Ammonia for sweets

L'ammonia, is none other thanammonium carbonate, an ammonium salt of carbonic acid. Food ammonia has nothing to do with that used for household cleaning, so it is neither toxic nor harmful! Just use the correct dosages to obtain exceptional leavening.

L'ammonia for sweets and cakesis recommended only in case oflonger leavening: food-grade ammonia releases a strong odor during rising. There is a version of scented ammonia for desserts on the market but we do not recommend its use: the strong smell sweeps spontaneously at the end of the leavening.

If you bake a cake or a cake that has not yet risen completely, you risk getting a bitter aftertaste.

On the contrary, cakes, flans, biscuits and sweets of all kinds, thanks to theammoniathey are able to obtain greater compactness without losing the classic lightness and friability linked to yeasts.

How to use ammonia for sweets

Contrary to what many think, theammonium carbonateor food ammonia, it is not toxic. However, it will be necessary to use it wisely: leavening times, cooking and dosages are the basis.

The doses never go beyond 10 - 20 gr per dough. Only the most demanding doughs need 20 grams of ammonia for sweets. When in doubt, if a recipe is not clear, try to dose this ingredient by default.

How to use? You have to dissolve it in a glass of warm milk. Be careful to place the milk in a large mug as ammonia, in contact with the milk, reacts and causes an increase in the volume of the milk.

In reality, theammonia for sweetsit is also suitable for the preparation of pizzas, crackers, crissini, focaccia and other rustic dishes. Also in this case it will be necessary to strictly follow the recommended doses.

Ammonia for sweets, where to find it

L'ammoniaand theyeastmore used in pastry, in fact it can be considered a "professional ingredient", it is no coincidence that it requires a lot of attention during use. Even a minimal overdose will return an inedible dessert.

Where to buy ammonia for sweets? In stores specializing in the sale of pastry products or by taking advantage of online sales. On Amazon there are several proposals available, among the useful links at the end of the paragraph you will find one.

What to use instead of ammonia for sweets?Ammonia, here's how to replace it

Ammonia is not the only alternative to the classic yeast that we find on the market. In addition to the homemade natural yeast, it is possible to make sweet and rustic leaven with cream of tartar. Cream of tartar, also known as potassium bitartrate, is a very effective leavening agent.

Yeast made from cream of tartar, unlike the classic brewer's yeast or ammonia, is more difficult to find on the market ... difficult, but not impossible! Among the various products marketed based on cream of tartar we point out the Lecker yeast powder.

On Amazon, a pack of 14 sachets of baking powder based on cream of tartar is offered at a price of 1.52 euros.

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