Stomach pain children, natural remedies

Stomach pain children, natural remedies

Belly pain children: natural remedies useful against gastrointestinal viruses, stomach pain and diarrhea in children. What to do in case of stomach ache with fever and what to feed the children.

Thestomach acheis a very frequent symptom inchildren and babies. Abdominal pain can be accompanied by colic, diarrhea or caused by gastrointestinal viruses and accompanied by fever. Children generally recover from a light diet but there are a fewnatural remedieswhich can speed up the course and relieve symptoms.

Stomach pain in children

The first seasonal colds and the stay in kindergarten or school make children's bodies more exposed to viral infections that can affect the intestinal tract. Children still have immature immune systems and gastrointestinal viruses are easily transmitted from child to child.

In most cases, these are symptoms that tend to resolve spontaneously, within a few days. If the symptoms persist, it is best to contact your doctor. At the end of the page, in the paragraph abdominal pain with fever in children and babies, when to worry there is a link to the NICE guidelines for more apprehensive parents.

Stomach pain children, natural remedies

The stomach ache, generally resolves without medication and within a few days; during this time, the child will have to follow a light diet and consume foods such as carrots, apples, rice, bananas and a pinch of parmesan cheese. Hydration is of fundamental importance: fluids must never be lacking, preferably enriched with mineral salts. On the market there are special special sachets to dissolve in water. If the child often suffers from stomach ache, do not exclude the hydra from administering lactic ferments that regenerate the intestinal flora weakened or even damaged by viral infection.

When stomach ache is associated with other symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting or fever, herbs can be used. THEnatural remediesthe most suitable are lemon balm, chamomile and fennel.

In case ofnewborns, in the pharmacy you can find practical herbal vials that dissolve in the bottle (in water or milk) to be taken on a daily basis for 5 days; do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice. Othersnatural remediesstrongly indicated include the use of bilberry (it is an excellent disinfectant) and cumin.


Who prefers homeopathic remedies, experts generally adviseColocynthis 9 CH to treat painful diarrhea and acute intestinal colic. Also in homeopathy, Podophyllum peltatum 9 Ch is a remedy used for severe abdominal pain accompanied by discharges of diarrhea. When stomach ache is associated with fever, in homeopathy the granules of Aconitum napellus 9 CH are added to the remedies previously mentioned.

Before hiring any homeopathic remedy it is good to be guided by a good homeopath! Often, the tummy pain in children it can be triggered by emotional factors and in these cases homeopaths recommend a remedy such as Ignatia. Unlike herbs and gods natural remedies, i homeopathic remedies they should be treated like medications, so consultation with the pediatrician is recommended.

Stomach pain in children, grandmother's remedies

Who prefers the old grandmother's remedies, will not be able to help but use tea and lemon, especially when stomach pain is associated with dysentery. Between grandmother's remediesTo relieve stomach ache in children, it is possible to recommend decaffeinated tea to be accompanied with dry biscuits (or rusks) in the morning for breakfast, together with a good lemon juice.

Other tips for curing stomach pain in children

Other useful information on what to do and what the baby can eat.

  • It is important to give the baby water.
  • It is important to have the child wash his hands before each meal. Make sure they do it accurately.
  • Among the foodsnot recommendedin case of stomach ache, cow's milk and dairy products should be avoided. Only one spoonful of Parmesan cheese and a yogurt are allowed.
  • Among the condiments, olive oil and lemon are preferred.
  • Among the other foods allowed, I point out the mashed potatoes and carrot.
  • As a snack a banana or cranberry juice or an organic apple is recommended.

Abdominal pain with fever in children and babies: when to worry

To find out when to worry and contact your pediatrician, in case ofabdominal pain with fever in children and babies, the National Institute For Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has developed guidelines for all concerned parents. The guidelines and other useful information on how to treat fever in children and infants are available at: "Fever in children, remedies “.

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