Soy lecithin: properties and benefits

Soy lecithin: properties and benefits

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Soy lecithin, famous as an excellent ally in the fight against high cholesterol but rich in lesser known properties, to be known. For example, it is also excellent for hair, in packs prepared especially for those who want to have it brighter and more resistant. Let's get to know this curious substance and learn how to use it to the fullest.

Soy lecithin: how to use it

We find it in many foods, even without our knowledge. There are those who think that it can only be found in cylindrical packages at the supermarket, but there is in legumes, whole grains and egg yolk. Better no?

Its main feature, due to the presence of the phosphoric group, is that of having partially hydrophilic molecules, which means that it is able to bind fatty acids to water.

All this to get to say how soy lecithin is used: often also how emulsifier in the food industry, for example for creams, puddings, sauces, ice creams. For the same reason, we also find it in many cosmetic products and it has nothing to do with it its anti-cholesterol action!

Soy lecithin: composition

It belongs to the family of phospholipids lecithin contains important minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorus and is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 and in substances such as choline and inositol. On the contrary we do not find proteins, but on the other hand a lot of linoleic acid and in general a good quantity of fatty acids.

Soy lecithin: properties

We have already known the much appreciated capacity of emulsifier that this substance can show off since it is able like few others to make substances that normally are not mixable. Apart from giving a hand to those who make puddings and eye shadows, the Soy lecithin in all of us it carries out an important cleansing action of blood vessels. Important because it removes accumulated fats and gives us various nutrients.

As we shall see, it has a powerful effect of contrast to cholesterol in excess because it promotes the transport of fats in the blood. This way it carries the cholesterol to the liver where it is absorbed and then excreted with feces.

Soy lecithin: benefits

In general, even for those with perfect cholesterol and good health, soy lecithin performs an action to improve the body's metabolism which is always useful. Similarly toaction of increasing brain functions.

Even celiac sufferers can draw these and others benefits from Lecithin, a point in favor of this substance which can be taken both in granules, as a condiment for more elaborate dishes, and as a supplement in capsules. If we are preparing a cake, we can introduce it as an ingredient in the filling obtaining an anti-cholesterol sweetness but without envying the most sinful competitors.

Soy lecithin: cholesterol

It takes a paragraph of its own for those who suffer from cholesterol and, despite everything, do not want to take advantage of soy lecithin to improve their health. I have in mind people who started taking reasonable amounts in the evening, in granules, sadly dipping a spoon in the package.

So it's not easy to keep anti-cholesterol resolutions, sure, but now that we have read that there are other possibilities to have the benefits of Lecithin even without it evening spoon of yellow granules, why not try again?

Soy lecithin: hair

To obtain a beneficial effect on the hair thanks to Soy lecithin it is not necessary to ingest it but to make a compress. It is often used by those who, after a very invasive chemical treatment on the hair, if they are there finds it damaged, thinned and dried.

You can also prepare a pack yourself at home and the advice is to do one a week constantly to get a good result in less than a month. Though we have normal hair, or fat, two compresses a month can be useful.

Soy lecithin: price

It does not cost gold even if it is very precious Lecithin: on Amazon in a convenient resealable jar, we find a "dose" of 250 grams for only 5 euros. It is a product free of genetically modified ingredients and rich in polyunsaturated phospholipids which help to increase lipoproteins blood benefits (HDL). A complex way of saying they do dispose of cholesterol.

Soy lecithin: contraindications

Before taking a jar of soy lecithin projecting on this substance all our wishes for well-being it is better to consult a doctor. In fact, there are some contraindications that not everyone knows: nothing serious but if we take it inappropriately or in an incorrect quantity we can find ourselves in suffer from nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite and stomach upset. Be careful, therefore, not to overdo it and, if women are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is better that they do not use it.

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