Phosphorus: food and supplement

Phosphorus: food and supplement

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Phosphorus, represented with a P, is a very important chemical element for people because it is among the protagonists of the processes that produce energy at the cellular level and is also responsible for muscle contractions and the transmission of nerve impulses.

Just think locally for a few seconds to admit that we can't care about phosphorus and the foods that contain it, fortunately this element and its compounds are found in all forms of life and in particular in the human body it represents almost 1% of weight, distributing itself in blood, muscles, bones, teeth, DNA and various cells.

Before moving on to the concrete, a poetic note: the scientific name of Phosphorus is Phosphoros which derives from the Greek word phosphoros, "bearer of light". More than poetry, it is physical: in contact with oxygen, it emits a weak light.

Phosphorus: what is it for

It is often said that the Phosphorus makes people think better it allows us to concentrate better, it reassures us by helping us in times of stress or depression. Another thing that is said is that increases our ability to remember, but this time it is a simple rumor, there are no proven connections.

Regular absorption of calcium by the intestine is also linked to presence of phosphorus in the body which is therefore indirectly useful in bone formation, but also in the functioning of the kidneys and in the absorption and use of proteins.

Other benefits of this element concern sight, hearing and smell, has then diuretic and antispastic properties and it can help if we suffer from back pain, alcoholism, arthritis and colitis

Those who know homeopathy will know later that the Phosphorus cures inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract, anxiety states and muscle weakness, if associated with other mineral salts, it is also recommended for asthma, osteoporosis, dental and gum care, anemia and muscle atony.

Phosphorus: foods

How can we take the right amount of this mineral so that we have all benefits listed? Eating for example brewer's yeast (2.190 mg.each 100 gr), chocolate pudding (1.660 mg. Every 100 gr), pumpkin seeds (1.230 mg. Every 100 gr), wheat bran (1.013 mg. Every 100 gr), salted cod (950 mg. Every 100 g) and egg yolk (930 mg. Every 100 g). We can also try with the parmesan cheese, cashews, pine nuts and cumin.

White phosphorus

Beyond its emitting light, in the solid state it is white and it also has a rather recognizable and persistent smell. In its natural state it is a mineral toxic and easily flammable, we find it inside rocks and not free, if it comes into contact with the air, it burns spontaneously.

High phosphorus

When we went too far with the foods rich in phosphorus, the kidneys are responsible for rebalancing and stabilizing the relationship between this mineral and calcium but if we are in a situation of chronic renal failure we can risk calcification of soft tissues such as blood vessels, lungs, epidermal tissue, heart.

To have a reference on the intake of phosphorus, we take into account that an adult should every day ingest 800 mg., a growing teenager 1,200 and an elderly person 1,000. At any age, it is excreted via urine, sweat and feces.

Low phosphorus

Going from one extreme to the other, when we do not take sufficient quantities of F. we feel weak and find ourselves in a state of general malaise. Often this happens in the case of anorexia, but the lack of this element can also be linked to the intake, often unconscious, of foods that prevent its absorption or in the intake of antacid drugs.

Phosphorus supplement

In general it is not that frequent that a person suffer from Phosphorus deficiency if not suffering from particular pathologies or accustomed to eating extremely incorrectly, given that good or bad is found in many types of foods ranging from oil seeds, legumes, meat, fish and cheese. The solution of the supplement is always simple and practical. Angelini proposes Acutil Advance Phosphorus: for 10 euros on Amazon 10 vials comfortable not to be weak.

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