Remove dust from the air

Remove dust from the air

Eliminate dust from the air: from purifiers to do-it-yourself strategies to eliminate or reduce dust levels in the home.

Air purifier to eliminate dust in the home

The purifier can help you a lot in maintaining a healthy environment but it won't do all the work!

The work must be synergistic: on the one hand, the purifier will prevent the dust from risingin suspensionin the air of home. On the other hand, domestic cleaning will prevent the accumulation of dust on the surfaces.

Sure, a air purifier it will help you maintain a healthy, clean and healthy environment dust-free but it won't be able to do all the work!

There are accumulation points that must be cleaned periodically; we are not just talking about floors and other surfaces because the most critical accumulation points are:

  • carpets and rugs
  • Radiators
  • Pillows and upholstery
  • The upper surface of furniture and cabinets
  • Air conditioner filter

Air purifiers capture thedustsuspended in the home environment, preventing it from settling back on furniture and other storage surfaces.

For all information on these appliances, please refer to the page: room air purifiers.

A good air purifier to eliminate dust and pollutants from the home environment is the AeraMax DX95, its price ranges between 131.99 and 242.99 euros. The price varies according to the "draft" and filtering capacity of the air.

We recommend this product because it has obtained the"Asthma & Allergy friendly" certificationissued by the American body AAFA (American Asthma and Allergy Foundation).

The certification is issued only to products that meet high levels of standards for cleaning the air so as to make it compatible for asthmatics and people allergic to dust.

The same product has achieved a similar certification here in Europe by winning five starsECARF(European Center for Allergy Research Foundation) for the quality of the air tested.

Apart from certification, the device uses both a carbon filter and a HEPA filter, and also subjects the air to an antifungal treatment. The purifier foreliminate dust from the airit is intuitive and easy to use. For all information, please refer to the useful link.

Eliminate dust from the air, useful tips

Foreliminate dust from the aircare must be taken to clean the floor, furniture and other surfaces. Even more, the critical points must be checked.

For remove dust there are many useful accessories. For carpets and upholstery, the vacuum cleaner is an excellent ally as well as for cleaning mattresses and pillows.

For the air conditioner filter it should be periodically washed. For more information, please read the guide dedicated tosanitizing the air conditioner in the house.

The radiators represent the most critical point when it comes to dust because it is more difficult to wash. Dust tends to accumulate in the interstices of the radiators.

The problem occurs when the temperature rises: the heat tends to raise the dust that moves from the radiator into the air of the house and invades all surfaces within range.

Cleaning the radiators is a difficult task, you should equip yourself with special flexible brushes able to penetrate the cavities of the radiators.

In order not to face this prophylaxis too often, it is possible to use a radiator cover that prevents hot air from entering the dust.

The dust is not eliminated but only trapped so as not to create discomfort, allergies or free itself in the air.

Do radiators produce dust?

When we operate the radiators, the hot air, with its convective motion, releases dust in thehome air: this is why many believe that radiators generate dust! In reality, the hot air does nothing but move the dust accumulated in the radiators and release it into the air.

To limit this effect, it is possible to use radiator covers in fabric that is particularly breathable for heat but which retains dust and prevents them from being released into the home.

The fabric radiator covers can be purchased in the most well-stocked shops of household items or by taking advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon, a radiator cover withdust capture filteryou buy at the price of 8.20 euros with free shipping

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