Eleutherococcus: benefits and indications

Eleutherococcus: benefits and indications

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Eleutherococcus, perhaps it is this long and complex name that has so far ruined the career of this plant that has nothing to envy to the well-known and praised ginseng. In fact, it is also called Siberian gingseng to try to rehabilitate it and highlight its properties. It is excellent remedy for tiredness and lack of energy, even in case of stress it helps us and that's not all. Beyond the name, which you may like or not, let's see concretely, how we can use theEleutherococcus.

Eleutherococcus: plant

The plant in scientific jargon is called Eleutherococcus senticosus, belongs to the Araliaceae family and is in effect a shrub. One of the reasons why it is not yet known is that its homeland is Siberia, it can be found also in Mongolia and in general in areas covered with conifers, where it is cold.

It is a shame not to see it in our area because around June this rather anonymous shrub, which reaches about two meters in height, produces flowers of bright colors, such as yellow or purple, which then become dark and fleshy berries. What interests us, in practice, beyond the picturesque side, is the root of Eleutherococcus.

Eleutherococcus: benefits and properties

Rich in active ingredients, the roots ofEleutherococcus they are often used to improve the body's performance when we are fatigued, because they contribute to the functioning of the immune system and are good for blood circulation. Also the mind benefits from this root, we are more lucid even under stress when we use it.

After a strong influence, in a period of pressure, the Eleutherococcus it is what it takes to cope with that weakness in which we often drag ourselves feeling healed but not 100%.

Eleutherococcus: what it is for and indications

More than ginseng, what it offers Eleutherococcus? One wonders, because otherwise it would be absurd to go looking for this almost unknown root when its known relative is at hand. In addition to being rich in invigorating properties, the Eleutherococcus has a strong sympathy for women and supports them during moments of psychological distress such as anxiety and depression, sometimes related to the menstrual cycle and consequent pains.

All of these beneficial effects they should not lead us to use this natural remedy without first asking our doctor for advice who can help us understand if our health condition is compatible with the root we have talked about so far.

Eleutherococcus in capsules

Especially in the winter when the season doesn't help get rid of stress, and the influences are more frequent, Eleutherococcus is an excellent companion in adventure and life, always if taken with the consent of a doctor. We can for example take it as a tonic in capsules, two in the morning and two in the afternoon, by purchasing a package for 13 Euros on Amazon.

Eleutherococcus: contraindications and opinions

There are no alarming side effects that concern the Eleutherococcus, but there are reactions that we can observe and need to know. For example, if we struggle to sleep, this root may be the cause, and even if we are suddenly more irritated or if we start to notice that we have high blood pressure, tachycardia. Anxiety and headache they may be linked to the continuous consumption of this substance, which by dint of making us pass tired, makes us a little too reactive.

Just stop taking it and everything passes in a few days, it will not transform our personality forever. However, there are cases where it is better not to even start taking the Eleutherococcus because it is strongly not recommended. I refer to those suffering from diabetes, pregnant or breastfeeding women, those with hypertension or people who take barbiturates, some types of antibiotics, diuretics or other drugs used to reduce low blood pressure. In general, it is good to avoid making do-it-yourself mixtures of psychotropic drugs or anxiolytics, with Eleutherococcus.

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