Garden fence

Garden fence

Here's how to protect crops with onegarden fenceeffective and wild animal proof. From DIY solutions in wood, to fences for vegetable gardens and prefabricated gardens.

There are many wild animals that can attack ourscrops it's afence for the gardenand thegardenis what we need to protect them. Nutrie, fallow deer, roe deer, and above all wild boar, these are the animals that we should keep at bay. In this article we will see how to protect the garden from wild animals by installing afenceeffective.

How to protect the garden from wild animals

We canprotect the gardenfrom wild boars and other wild animals by exploiting different types ofmechanical barriers. Mainly, thefences for vegetable gardens and gardensthey can be of three types:

  • Wire mesh
  • Wooden fence
  • Electrified fence

The cost of a fence for the garden varies according to the type of solution chosen; thedo-it-yourselfit allows us to save a lot on the cost of labor and the cheapest solution is given by the fence. The electrified fence is the most expensive solution but also the most effective; wire mesh is an intermediate solution but effective only if it respects certain parameters.

Garden fence:wire mesh

The metal mesh, with tight meshes, must be installed in a workmanlike manner in order to withstand:

  • to the assaults of large animals such as wild boars.
  • To the assaults of animals that can overrun it like foxes.
  • To the assaults of animals that can dig to pass under it.

In the ideal, oneDIY vegetable garden fencewith wire mesh should be supported by concrete poles, buried to a depth of 50 cm and not less than 180 cm high. Even if we rely on DIY, a good perimeter wire mesh would be a very expensive expense.

Garden fence:wooden fence

Therewooden fencefor vegetable gardens and gardens it represents the most classic solution. It is made with wooden poles connected to each other with horizontal wooden boards or even with barbed wire always placed horizontally. The wooden fence, if well structured, can protect the garden from wild boars but cannot repel the attack of small animals such as foxes or badgers.

For the making of awooden garden fence, you can follow our guidedo-it-yourselfentitledhow to build a fence.

To defend the garden from badgers or foxes, you can make a wicker fence (woven willow) which, however, will not be effective against large wild animals such as wild boars, nor against foxes that may be able to jump over it. For more information, please refer to the page:willow for weaving where there is a paragraph dedicated todo it yourself fences.

Garden fence:electrified network

Thereelectrified fence to protect the gardenwild animals are spreading more and more, also thanks to the cheaper DIY installation kits. The kits allow you to build an electric fence by hand with a budget of less than 200 euros.

Among the various kits on the market, we would like to point out one with an excellent quality / price ratio: Extra Power electric fence kit. The kit includes all the accessories to make oneelectric fence. At the time of installation, remember that the height of the wires must take into account the animal against which they must act. If you wantprotect the gardenfrom any wild animal, you will have to place the wires at a distance of 25 - 30 cm from each other; if there are few animals, a single wire placed 25 cm above the ground will suffice.

You can start from the kit and buy additional wire and use metal rods for construction (very cheap) as a support, or buy more kits for the construction of larger electric fences. The recommended kit has a 250 meter long electric wire, useful for protecting the home garden.

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