Natural remedies for spiders at home

Natural remedies for spiders at home

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Natural remedies for spiders at home: how to keep spiders away from the house and avoid the formation of cobwebs. Useful tips and natural repellents against spiders.

THEspidersthey are not insects but arachnids. Just like insects, i spiders are a class of the Phylum of Arthropods. Arachnophobia, that is the fear of spiders, can be counted among the most widespread phobias among all populations in the world, so there are really many people who do not tolerate the presence ofspiders! On this page we will see how to keep spiders away using natural remedies that can also be implemented at home.

Spiders in the house

Spiders that enter our homes are not vectors of diseases and do not cause damage to health. They are harmless, indeed… ispidersthey are predators and hunt unwelcome insects such as flies and mosquitoes. Only rarely ispidersthey bite man and the species ofpoisonous spiders, in Italy, they are very rare.

Six spiders they are not harmful to human health, the chemical insecticides we use for are delete them. In the home environment, the use of spray insecticide is not recommended. Generally we release disproportionate doses even to eliminate only a couple of specimens. Rather than the use of insecticides, for eliminate spiders, it is better to exploit natural remedies compatible with human health and the environment.

Poisonous spiders in Italy

Among the few species ofpoisonous spiders in Italythere is themalmignatta,it is a very distant cousin of the most famousBlack Widow. The malmignatta certainly won't sneak into your apartment! It lives exclusively in rocky areas. Find thispoisonous spider in the houseit is an extremely rare event. The malmignatta bite can lead to central nervous system problems and in some cases even death.

In Italy lives the violin spider, another onepoisonous spider. His bite causes a wound that is difficult to heal and requires several months of treatment to heal. If the malmignatta does not leave its natural habitat, the violin spider could enter the home environment. The photos above show the malmignatta on the left and the violin spider on the right. As mentioned, spiders do not attack humans, even the violin spider, in fact, only bites if forced and if it feels threatened.

Natural spiders against spiders in the house

To eliminate spiders from the home you can follow all the tips on the page "Drive away the spiders". Also you can follow thesenatural remedies.

A traditionally popular method fordrive away spidersfrom the home environment involves the use of tobacco. Prepare a tobacco-based infusion: boil the water and add some dried tobacco leaves. Leave to infuse for about fifteen minutes, filtered. The spray obtained can be sprayed in the border areas of the house, along the door and windows to prevent spiders from entering the house. To prepare the infusion, you can buy pipe tobacco. The same infusion can be used to keep spiders away from the plants on the balcony of the house.

If you have a fireplace, spray the mixture along the chimney and onto the piles of firewood as well. Spiders love dry piles of wood that we place on the woodshed next to the fireplace.

Mosquito nets are very useful for preventing the access of spiders into the house. To slow down the spread of spiders, simply remove any cobwebs from the house, balcony, terrace and stairs. Eliminate any cracks in the wall or keep the house clean. Check the corners of the windows, they are the perfect den for spider nests: a daily cleaning will help keep spiders away from the home.

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