How to repair scratches in parquet

How to repair scratches in parquet

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How to repair scratches in parquet: here are many DIY remedies to repair thescratched parquet. From waxes to the most suitable pigments based on the tone of your wooden floor.

This guide is aimed at those who have awooden floorguyparquet. It is not suitable for those who have faux parquet flooring but can be useful for those who have a laminate or woody plywood floor.

Each floor inparquethas its own finish, in case of very particular finishes (matt / matte effect or super-lacquered effect) it may be necessary to apply a coat of matting or gloss spray. If your parquet is more classic (waxed or oiled) after the DIY that we will see, all you have to do is wash the floor with a regenerating parquet.

Regenerate the parquet

On the market there are many regenerating products for parquet, the truth is that the finishes of theparquetthey are so different that you often risk damaging the floor by choosing the wrong product. On the other hand, universal products are not effective enough and cannot restore the ancient splendor to yourparquet.

The finishes are independent of the essence, in fact any type of parquet can be painted (therefore with matting or super bright paints), oiled or left raw and waxed! For more information on parquet finishes, please refer to the articleParquet, how to choose it.

For theoiled parquetand waxed, we can recommend theregeneratingforparquetWOCA, available for both white parquet and more classic parquet. We have reported this product because it is generally used for professional use (cleaning companies use it for the ordinary maintenance of parquet in hotels and large centers with parquet flooring) and for its properties on wood: manages to create a protective layer to defend the parquet come on scratches.

The regenerating product for parquet must be diluted in warm water with a more or less high ratio depending on the state of wear of the surface to be treated. The regenerator should be passed with a slightly damp cloth (or a mop) with movements in the direction of the wood grain.

How to repair scratches from parquet

To eliminate scratches from parquet, on the market, there are ready-to-use kits that are easy to manage. These kits fill the gap created by the scratch, returning a wooden strip with a perfectly homogeneous surface. These kits can be used for parquet but also for furniture and any oiled, lacquered or natural wood surface. It adapts to light or dark parquet, cherry or white parquet.

The kit is useful for parquet, cork and laminate. It is made up of synthetic waxes that onceloosewith a special applicator, they solidify going to fill the crack of the scratch. The use of the product is described with the photo above. In the kit there are 11 cylinders, for as many shades ofparquet.

If you do not intend to remove the scratches with the kits mentioned, you can do a more thorough DIY job but, in this case, you will need to disassemble the wooden batten for repair. For complete instructions on repairing parquet from scratches, I invite you to read the guidehow to remove scratches from parquet.

If you are not very good at DIY jobs, rather than disassembling the wooden strip and starting sanding, we recommend using a ready-to-use repair kit.

Parquet maintenance, not just scratch repair

Do not spend time on parquet only in emergency conditions! A parquet neglected and not carefully protected is more prone to scratches. Wood is an organic material so it should be respected as much as possible. All information about the maintenance and care to be dedicated to parquet floors is contained in the article Parquet maintenance.

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