Greenland dog: breeding and price

Greenland dog: breeding and price

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Greenlandic dog, with ithe patronage of Denmark, but a figure expressly originally from Greenland, and fits into the group of spitz-type and primitive-type dogs. It is such a beautiful breed, aesthetically and temperamentally, that it can be said to be a source of pride for its homeland. It has very ancient origins and has not changed much over time, it was born well and over the years it has kept its lucky characteristics suitable for the climate where it usually lives.

Greenlandic dog: characteristics

The Greenlandic dog it is an animal of medium size, with a physique that can be inscribed in a square since its height at the withers is in a ratio of 10/11 with its total length. Is one polar spitz very powerful, it can withstand efforts and climates that other similar ones can't.

The females of this breed are larger, on average, than the males, although the size is very variable. The physicist of the Greenlandic dog it is typical for sled hauling even if you go hunting so as not to get bored, and with excellent results.

Greenlandic dog: breeding

In Italy there are currently no farms officially reported by ENCI, despite being one of the oldest breeds in the world as well as one of the most resistant, the Greenlandic dog, born from a centuries-old and very well thought-out selection process, the goal has always been to maintain and optimize its already peculiar qualities: solidity, strength and tenacity.

From an aesthetic point of view, only recently have breeders started to take a look and evaluate, the priority is always health and physical prowess. So certainly thought the Eskimos who, long ago, used the Greenlandic to pull sleds or to go hunting, the favorite prey were the polar bear and the seal.

Greenlandic dog: puppies

Speaking of medium size is somewhat vague, so those who are preparing to adopt a puppy of Greenlandic dog it is good that you deepen. As an adult it can reach a height at the withers of about 60 cm, if male, if female, 55 cm, with a weight that varies around an average of 30-32 Kg.

The body of this breed is solid and rather compact, the skull is broad with a pronounced but not abrupt stop, ending with the big and dark truffle. It can also take on colors other than black, when the coat varies, for example it is found in liver color associated with golden red hair, and in winter it sometimes becomes clear, a real "snow truffle".

Set high, the ears of the Greenlandic dog they are not overly large, they have triangular shape but "blunt", the eyes are almost always dark and set obliquely, not prominent but not even sunken. When walking around the woods, more than for our cities, this dog maintains a sustained harmonious gait and does not hide the fact of being indefatigable, the tail follows it arched or rounded on the back, thick and thick.

In all possible colors, except albino version, the Greenlandic it is admitted to the official standard, it has a hair and an undercoat, being polar, which cover it well and protect it from the cold. No curls or waves, however: the hair is only shorter on the head and limbs and longer and more abundant on the rest of the body with a "final" tuft on the tail.

Greenlandic dog: character

It is considered by many to be impeccable, the character of this dog that is confirmed an ideal companion. Of course it is because it is devoted and loyal, but also because it is intelligent and trainable without too much difficulty.It should not be taken head on, he cares a lot about his own dignity, so if we know not to offend and hurt him, he shows himself affectionate, he is affectionate forever and remains faithful to us. Like hunting and towing dog, he cannot lack energy, tenacity and courage, he is tireless, has a nose and is dedicated to work.

Greenlandic dog: price

A such a rare breed it is difficult to evaluate in euros, in Italy there are not even a dozen copies, according to ENCI, and actually you don't see them around. Unfortunately, although I don't know how much he would love our Mediterranean climate.

He doesn't have many health problems, as a dog, but he needs some grooming sessions if he wants to participate in Chinese-technical events. In general this breed can have like recurring defects a light bone, for example, a fearful or on the contrary aggressive character, non-standard measures, pointed muzzle and incorrect movement.

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