Recycle tin cans

Recycle tin cans

Recycle tin cans: how to coat atta jars and other creative ideas for their recovery. How to turn tin cans into useful items.

If you have the habit of using peeled tomatoes or other products marketed in tin cans, that of creative recycling is the right way to dispose of packaging.

THEtin cansthey can easily be transformed into object holders, vases or decorative containers. On this page we will seehow to coat tin cans and how to recover them through creative recycling.

Beforerecycle tin cans, wash them well and dry them as best as possible, even if your intent is to coat them, if you can remove the label and glue, the finished work will give you greater satisfaction.

How to coat tin cans

It's possiblelining tin cans with tissue paper or decorative paper of your choice. If the tin can it will have to be transformed into a vase or flower holder, before lining the outside of the jar you have to take care of the inside: to line the inside you can use transparent plastic bags.

As for the external coating, in manual practice, you have to be very careful to cover the edges: lock the paper in position by passing some ribbon around the jar and fixing it with a double knot to which the classic bow must follow.

If you choose copper foil or other material for the coating, you can use hot glue but if you intend tolining tin canswith decorative paper or tissue paper, ribbons can be the simplest and even decorative solution.

How to turn a tin can into a vase

Atin canwell coated on the outside it can become a splendid object holder, but not a vase. Forturning a tin can into a vaseit will be necessary to line the inside of the jar with plastic bags: the plastic bag must come out at the top of the jar in order to protect the tissue paper (or decorative paper) from water and the flowers themselves.

To use atin canas a vase, you must have a sponge soaked in water, the kind used by florists. If you do not know where to find this material, contact your trusted nursery, the florist or take advantage of the online sale: on Amazon three largeflower spongesare offered at a price of 10.90 euros with free shipping costs.

The sponges are placed in thetin canalready impregnated with water, therefore:

  • cut the sponges making them compatible with the dimensions of the tin can to be recycled.
  • Immerse the sponges in a basin full of water.
  • Let the sponges drain for a few minutes, without squeezing them.
  • Insert the sponges of the jar so that they protrude 2 cm beyond the edge of thetin can.
  • Round off the corners of the sponge by cutting them with scissors.

To ensure a good water supply for the flowers, fill the jars with additional water and, finally, cut away the part of the plastic bag that comes out. Ajarwith tin can, made in this way, it can be filled with fresh flowers of any shape and color.

You can make a live centerpiece with chillies, strawberries, garlic and edible flowers or decorate with fragrant flowers, leaves and green twigs to keep on display at home.

Recycle tin cans, other ideas

  • Lanterns
    With a little manpower, it is possible to transform tin cans into beautiful lanterns just as shown in the photo above.
  • Manger
    By painting the jar with water-based enamels you can get a bird feeder to hang in the garden to attract birds.
  • Bring ice
    If you stack two diametrically compatible tin cans, you can get an ice box for food while to keep a can cool a bottle, just fill the tin with ice and put the drink to be refrigerated into it.
  • Envelope holder
  • Ball holder
  • Pen holder
  • Other creative ideas:how to recycle milk cans.