Solar Thermodynamic Stem: how it works

Solar Thermodynamic Stem: how it works

Solar Thermodynamic Stem, the first plant in the world was inaugurated in one of the sunniest regions of the Land of the Sun. The region is Sicily. We are a San Filippo del Mela and for the province of Messina, as for all of Italy, June 30 was a special day for the ribbon cutting of an innovative plant that is destined not to remain an isolated green episode. Not a momentary glare, but a ray of sunshine that opens the track to a path of serious commitment for one triple sustainability: environmental, social and economic. In addition to Sicily, the protagonists of this new virtuous adventure are A2A and the Magaldi group.

Thermodynamic solar stem: the first plant in the world inaugurated in Sicily

Let's get familiar with the name, Stem, it is also easy, because it is a tricolor record to talk about and that will make people talk about itself. It is the new thermodynamic solar system that the whole world envies us and I hope to copy, inaugurated on June 30th in San Filippo del Mela, in the province of Messina.

The new plant was installed in the complex known as Integrated Energy Pole, already ready after this important step, to be the protagonist of a gradual, necessary and desirable transformation towards alternative and modern energy production.

What makes the technology of the solar thermodynamic Stemand which guarantees the continuous operation of the system even in the absence of radiation, because it is simply night or because the sky is cloudy - yes, it happens in Sicily too - is theuse of sand with fluid bed technology. The sand itself becomes the storage medium for the thermal energy generated by solar radiation and allows you to have the reserve for when the sun is not shining. For the "dark" moments.

It's about a innovative patented thermodynamic solar technology produced by the Magaldi Group, world leader in the research and production of innovative solutions in the field of industrial plants for handling high temperature materials but in this case above all applauded for its excellence in the solar energy sector.

In particular to deal with the Solar Thermodynamic Stem it was the newly formed Magaldi Sun. What from now on we can see working in Sicily is the result of the collaboration between the Magaldi Group is A2A, the largest Italian multi-utility at the top in the energy, environment, heat and networks sectors.

Solar thermodynamic: system numbers

Here are some numbers to better frame what has just been inaugurated, on 30 June 2016, in San Filippo del Mela, after about a year of construction works. The start in fact, the first stone of Solar Thermodynamic Stem, dates back to 2015.

There daily steam production was estimated at 20.5 tons, this thanks to a module, with a capacity of 2 thermal MW of energy, involves the use of 786 heliostats. There total area used for the Stem Thermodynamic Solar System is approx 2.25 hectares.

Thanks to the innovative technologies that the Solar Thermodynamic Stem uses, we can forget about the use of diathermic oils or molten salts: Stem "goes to sand", and for the structures we will only see mirrors and steel. Further project developments on the site and related investments are expected, A2A ensures, thinking about production continuity of the industrial site always keeping this line brightly green.

Solar thermodynamic: opinions

Common opinion is that the Solar Thermodynamic Stem opened a new era, for the Region of Sicily, for the South and for the whole of Italy, marking an important stage in the path of A2A's Strategic Plan. Rather than talking about the goal, for this path undertaken, we can talk about a continuous inexorable and effective proceeding with the development of renewable generation technologies and with the reconversion of conventional production sites.

L'eco-compatibility of the materials used, glass is not the most evident proof even to the less experienced, it is only one of the many pro-environment choices that the Solar Thermodynamic Stem and what he will have around him can boast.
One of the next steps in the implementation of the integrated Energy Pole will be the construction, for example, of a plant for the production of Secondary Solid Fuel Energy (CSS): the authorization process at the competent bodies has already started. Meanwhile, let's enjoy the new entry already in front of our eyes: the Solar Thermodynamic Stem.

Just like it has done in its own right Mario Magaldi, president of the Magaldi Group which sees in the new "creature" the tangible testimony of the constant commitment and dedication of the reality it represents, and which bears its name, in support of the innovation of technological process and eco-sustainability. We cannot neglect, indeed, we must give the right and deserved space to the team of technicians who have contributed in a precious way to the point of giving us the world record of the Solar Thermodynamic Stem with the made in Italy brand.

The same goes for the engineer Gennaro De Michele, del CNR and for theUniversity of Naples Federico II who have collaborated with Magaldi and A2A accompanying them in the enterprise. A2A, for its part, looking at everything from Solar Thermodynamic Stem as soon as the land of Sicily will be built, it will be able to host, he reiterated his firm intention to maintain the line of the sustainability, combining environmental, social and economic ones.

A trident that pricks all members of the sector to show off the same firm, all green commitment. And not only that, also sided with the territory. In fact the Solar Thermodynamic Stem del Polo represents a real opportunity for Valle del Mela and Sicily, benefits are expected shortly, as promised, for air quality but also on a social level. Stem must also mean worthy employment levels e concrete positive effects for the Region.

Domestic thermodynamic solar

It is impossible not to rejoice in this excellent record achieved "in our home", "patriotically" speaking, but if we are really interested in Domestic solar thermalBy allowing ourselves a size reduction, we can equally virtuously do the right thing in our home.

We will not be the first in the world, like the Solar thermodynamic STEM of San Filippo del Mela, but perhaps the first of our village, of our street, even of our block or neighborhood. All the information to get on the right track is in this article of mine: "Domestic thermodynamic solar: how it works”.

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