Saluki: character and price

Saluki: character and price

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Saluki, an enigmatic name for what the Persian greyhound, one of the oldest known dog breeds, if not the oldest. It has been a dog for millennia admired for its beauty, but also envied for its speed and endurance. Like all greyhounds it is part of the family of "sight hunters" (sighthound in English), is of Iranian descent, was born and known as hunting dog, with the passage of time, however, it is increasingly understood and adopted, or bought, as pet dog and from exhibition.

Saluki: origins

The race, pure as it should be, was even born 7000 years ago and has had time to travel ever since. He crossed the Middle East accompanying the nomad tribe in the desert. The whole vast region between the Sahara and the Caspian Sea has been its habitat over the years, so that various types of Saluki. Different in size and coat.

This greyhound is historically used as a hunting dog, always very fast, it acted in packs, often also in tandem with the hawks. Sometimes the Saluki it was considered an impure race but the Bedouins appreciated it very much, they also saw the "kiss of Allah“, A white spot that he carries on his cloak. They appreciated him so much, as a dog, that they slept with him. It wasn't just a question of love, in truth: it was an excellent "warmer".

The Saluki in England, and in the rest of our continent immediately after, it arrived in 1840 but it took several decades before it awakened the interest of enthusiasts as a breed. It took Florence Amherst, who imported the first Arabian Saluki in 1895 from the kennels of Prince Abdullah of Transjordan, probably originating in the Kurdish areas of Syria, because the race really began to make its way.

Saluki: character

He seems reserved and indifferent, as often happens to "serious" hunting dogs, actually Saluki he is simply a dog with a quiet character. But I'm not dumb, on the contrary, he learns quickly and can't stand when you take him for a fool forcing him to repeat the same lessons a thousand times.

Who wants to successfully train a Saluki you have to do short and varied but regular training sessions with him. And let's forget the hard ways, he is not someone who loves blackmail or gives in, on the contrary, we would only have a negative effect by insisting.

Faithful and intelligent, tcalm and docile, a specimen of this breed can be, if well trained, also an excellent companion dog. He is very reserved with strangers, but never aggressive, and with his family he is affectionate and protective. He is not agitated, he is not confused and he does not bark much, without reason ever. It is said that the Saluki you sing, when you feel that something is wrong, or know that a member of your family is away for a long period of time.

Even with children, this dog can coexist without problems, if you teach them to respect him when he wants to be left alone. There are times when he wants to be alone, to rest, to reflect: who knows. A millennial mystery.

Saluki: I wait

The Saluki is a greyhound with elegant and harmonious lines of medium size. A male specimen measures between 58 and 71 cm at the withers. The physique is very agile and muscular, rather slender and wiry. It is not massive, on the contrary, as often happens for greyhounds, it is a dry dog ​​but at the same time of solid constitution. Compared to my colleague Greyhound he is slower, there is no race, but on the other hand he wins in endurance. He manages to keep a remarkable pace even for 4-6 km, while the sprint of the other one in 400-600 meters is over.

The snout of the Saluki it is elongated like the rest of the body, with a little accentuated stop, the nose wide and black, long ears, mobile and drooping adhering to the head. The eyes of this dog can be very dark or hazel, in both cases they are bright and lively, large and oval in shape, never protruding.

The tail of this greyhound, long and low set, is often curved and shows silky fringes on the underside. Coming to the hair, if it is a Long-haired saluki, it is smooth, silky, with light fringes on the limbs, if it is short-haired, no fringes. The colors allowed in the standard are white, isabella, beige, gold, gray and fire, tricolor (white, black and fire), black and fire and all their variants.

Saluki: breeding

In Italy, the official ENCI website appears to be there 10 Saluki farms. The region that has the most is Piedmont, where 4 are based, another 2 are located in Umbria, the rest are scattered between Lombardy, Lazio, Puglia and Tuscany.

In general, it is a rather easy animal to raise and train, it has an obedient character, it also enjoys good health, like most greyhounds. Having a low level of body fat, however, can have problems of hypersensitivity to anesthesia. As average life expectancy, for the Saluki, we are talking about 12-13 years.

Saluki: puppies

Obedient and quiet, the Saluki is a dog that can be trained as early as a few months. Small things, but he is able to learn them, especially if he puts everything in the form of a game: it will be a lot to gain for the future. As a breed it is robust, although it does not have a massive physique, fragility is only apparent.

Accustomed as a puppy, it also adapts well to an apartment: in general it has avery polite nature, it is clean and respects spaces. With a snappy physique like hers, however, we have to foresee many walks and runs outdoors.

Saluki: price

It's not that easy to predict how much an Afghan hound costs, a Saluki, as there are different types. Depending on the individual pedigree, the price of a puppy can change but on average you can buy it for around 1,200 euros. An indicative price, of course, but if we find someone offering it to us for a few hundred euros, the deal becomes suspicious. Always and in any case, it is good to check the origin of the dog and the documents, as well as compliance with health regulations, but if possible, it is better to buy it directly from a breeding farm.

Saluki: video

Without words but just beautiful pictures of Saluki on the run, in action, in their natural habitat. Here is a video with which to conclude that it does honor to this breed.

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