How to make mandarinetto, recipe

How to make mandarinetto, recipe

How to make the mandarinettorecipewith the peels or with the internal mandarins. Variants that involve the addition of mandarin juice.

We are almost at the end of the season and if your garden still abounds withtangerinesit's time to take advantage of it. Dedicate yourself to the stove to prepare jams and liqueurs.

We can take advantage of the rinds, the whole fruits and / or the juice to make a typical liqueur much appreciated in Sicily: the mandarinetto. Similar to limoncello but made with peels of mandarinsor, in some places, with whole mandarins.

The tangerine liqueur ormandarinetto it is very common in the south, to be served as a digestive after a meal (strictly served iced) but it is also used to flavor ice cream and fruit salads or for desserts. In this regard we will illustrate you how to make mandarinetto following our recipe step by step.

Mandarin liqueur

The first recommendation is not to use treated fruit. Only use fruit that has not been subjected to the use of chemicals such as biocides or fungicides: better, in short, if it is organically grown or if collected in your own garden.

Another recommendation concerns the choice of fruits: they must be nice hard, especially if you want to use whole mandarins, the peel must not be bruised, it must adhere perfectly to the fruit which must have a firm consistency. For this reason, avoid buying mandarins from the fruit and vegetable department of large food distribution: large shopping centers, before displaying fruit on the counter, keep it in the fridge for several days and finding a product that is really fresh is really difficult.

The freshness of the fruit can also be easily ascertained by inspecting the stem: if it is a nice bright green and flexible it is a recently picked mandarin ... it is no coincidence that the mandarins you find in large shopping centers are devoid of stems and leaves ! For the purchase oftangerinesintended for the production ofmandarinetto, turn to small farmers.

Sicilian Madarinetto, characteristics

Thetangerine liqueur has a red-orange color. The nose shows a very penetrating mandarin scent, it is characterized by a full, mellow taste and an intensetangerine.

The traditional Sicilian recipe only involves the use of mandarin peel, however there are variations that see the addition oftangerine juiceor the use of whole mandarins. Let's start with a very aromatic recipe, with the addition of orange peel, then we'll see how to make mandarin with whole mandarins.

How to make mandarinetto, recipe

  • 1 kilo of untreated mandarins
  • 1 liter of alcohol 95 degrees
  • 1 liter of water
  • 400 grams of sugar
  • 2 untreated oranges
  • Hermetically sealed glass container
  • Glass bottle with cap

How to make the mandarinetto, the preparation

  1. After choosing the fruits following our recommendations, wash them carefully under running cold water
  2. With the help of a good knife, remove the peel of each orange or tangerine, taking care not to remove the white part of the fruit as it could give the liqueur a rather bitter taste: you can use a potato peeler for convenience
  3. Once this is done, start cutting all the rinds into small pieces and place them in a previously sterilized glass container. For more information on how to sterilize a jar, we recommend reading the article "How to sterilize jars".
  4. At this point, pour the alcohol until it is covered, then close the container.
  5. Let the solution obtained rest for about 20 days or at least until the alcohol has reached a bright orange color.
  6. After the time has elapsed, pour the water into a steel pan and heat it over low heat then add the sugar in small quantities all the while continuing to mix until completely dissolved.
  7. Once the sugar has dissolved in the water, turn off under the heat and let it cool
  8. Add the sugared water to the alcohol and filter everything
  9. Repeat the filtration several times in order to avoid the presence of residues in the liqueur
  10. Take a glass bottle and bottle the liqueur obtained, shake well and place it in the freezer for about ten days

After this time, your mandarinetto will be ready to be served.

Mandarinetto with whole mandarins

For thetangerine liqueur recipewith whole mandarins you have to follow the same preparation seen previously. The only difference lies in the maceration times which must be 10 - 15 days. Use small mandarins.

Chinese mandarin liqueur

For the preparation of Chinese mandarin liqueur you must use whole mandarins. Also in this case the maceration times must be 10 - 15 days.

Mandarinetto with mandarin juice

When making syrup with water and sugar, use only 800ml of water and 200ml of tangerine juice.

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