Grow cyclamen in pots

Grow cyclamen in pots

Grow cyclamen in pots: instructions for growing cyclamen at home or in the garden. Advice on the cultivation of cyclamen in pots.

Its botanical name isCyclamen persicum and is counted among the flowering plants that bloom between autumn and winter. Flowering is carried on continuously until spring.

Thecyclamenis much appreciated: for years it can thrive well with thecultivation in potsand also in domestic environments. Under optimal conditions, cyclamen can be an excellent indoor plant.

Grow cyclamen indoors

It prefers a cool and humid environment. Who intendsgrow cyclamen indoorswill have to choose an unheated room, on the stairs of the house or a veranda.

In summer it will be necessary to take the cyclamen out to the balcony or garden. In the warm months, cyclamen needs to thrive outdoors, in a shady place.

How to grow cyclamen at home
In the fall, place thepotted cyclamen plantsin a room that is not too hot and above all in a position far from the radiators. Place thecyclamen in potin full light but without exposing it directly to sunlight. Full sun is not appreciated even in winter because it could cause even serious burns.

When to irrigate cyclamen
Irrigation of home grown cyclamen requires some extra care. During the winter months, when the air in the apartment is dry, it is necessary to maintain a constant degree of humidity in the soil and therefore in the aerial part. In this context it is important to place the plants inside a larger container with expanded clay and placed in a saucer with at least 2 cm of water.

How to grow cyclamen in pots

The advice given in this paragraph is valid for thepot cultivation of cyclamenboth indoors (at home) and outdoors (balcony, garden, terraceā€¦).

How to prune the cyclamen
To keep plants healthycyclamen attention must be paid to pruning.
In reality, it is not a real thinning out. You have to limit yourself to completely eliminating the withered leaves and flowers. This operation must be carried out continuously: when you notice dried leaves and flowers, cut them!

Leaves and flowers must be cut from the base using well-sharpened shears and previously sterilized with alcohol.
Be careful not to leave one or more portions of torn leaf on the stem, the pruning residues could rot and contaminate the rest of the plant.

To prevent molds on cyclamen it is possible to water the plants by immersion: prepare a basin full of water and immerse the pots to the brim. Let the water absorb for a few minutes and then let it drain for 40 minutes before placing it on the saucer.

This precaution is completely useless if you immerse the plant too much! You don't have to wet the central part of the plant (where the stems start).

The multiplication of cyclamen

Therepropagationit can happen by division of the tuber, by seed or, even if not recommended, by cutting.

With the division by tuber, plants equal to the mother plant are obtained. For this type of propagation you will need a well sharpened and sterilized knife. In the convex part the tuber has roots while in the concave part leaves and buds will develop. You will have to cut the tuber making sure that each portion has at least two buds and some roots. Once you have obtained the tuber portion, you just need to bury it in a universal soft soil mixed with equal parts peat.

Be sure to bury the tuber inright direction. The roots must point towards the bottom of the pot while the buds towards the top.

Attention: the servatic cyclamenit cannot be grown indoors.

Potted cyclamen and diseases: beware of Botrytis! Excessive watering, a humid environment and mold can lead to the appearance of botrytis, a fungal disease that can cause serious damage to the plant in a short time. For all the information on prevention and treatment:how to get rid of botrytis.

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