Green Coffee: Works with these warnings

Green Coffee: Works with these warnings

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The Green Coffee is an extract from Green Coffee seeds used in diets as it contains Chlorogenic Acid (GCA), a substance that slows down the production and release of sugar in the blood, thus preventing the storage of excess fat and improving the capacity of liver to metabolize fat.

The Green coffeeLike traditional coffee, it also contains caffeine, an energizing and exciting substance.

Green Coffee: how it is produced

Green Coffee is produced from an Arabica blend of raw coffee, subjected to a drying process. Green coffee beans have a color ranging from green to light yellow (as can be seen from the opening image of our article) with a rather high consistency.

The percentage of caffeine contained in dry green coffee fluctuates between 0.7% and 3%.

Green Coffee beans

Green Coffee: reviews and opinions

There are hundreds of positive reviews on the Internet Green Coffee, written by users who say they have had real benefits and concrete results.

However, there are still no scientific studies that have managed to demonstrate all the beneficial effects claimed by the producers of Green Coffee.

A study of "Applied Food Sciences"Seemed to have reached positive scientific conclusions on the effectiveness of this product but the Federal Trade Commission, the US body that has among its responsibilities that of monitoring the truthfulness of advertisements conveyed by manufacturers, has established that the research results could having been "spoiled" by the fact that the number of monitored subjects was too small and by the fact that the monitored subjects had also been asked to include some physical activity in their weekly habits.

The theory supported by those who recommend hiring Green Coffee as a dietary product based on the action of the active ingredients contained in green coffee on the volume of adipocytes (fat cells) and in particular on chlorogenic acid. This action is triggered by methylxanthines, molecules that stimulate lipolysis, accelerating metabolism and reducing the amount of sugar in the blood.

Green coffee: side effects and contraindications

All the scientific studies carried out have not revealed any side or harmful effects of the Green Coffee, apart from the well-known contraindications relating to taking just before going to sleep which, just like a normal cup of coffee, can cause difficulties in falling asleep, due to the energizing effects of caffeine.

We do not recommend taking Green Coffee, as well as most supplement products, for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Green Coffee: where to buy

If you want to buy a bottle of 120 capsules of Green Coffee in complete safety as regards quality, you can buy it on Amazon also taking advantage of free shipping for prime users: here is the direct link to the product page.

Green Coffee Pure: how to take it

Manufacturers recommend taking 1 capsule 3 times a day, along with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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