How to clean the barbecue

How to clean the barbecue

How to clean the barbecue: instructions for carrying out a thorough cleaning of the barbecue and its components. How to clean grids, plates and work tools of the bbq.

There is nothing better than onebarbequeoutdoors: cooking on thebarbecueit returns authentic flavors enhanced by the essence of the wood used. The only problem that almost acts as a repellent for the use ofbarbecueit's his cleaning! It is not easy at allclean the barbecue as the combustion "seals" the food residues on the grill which, already at the end of cooking, results encrustedis Black. For those who love to cook with the barbecue, encrustations and grease are the order of the day.

Cleaning the barbecue

The component of thebarbecuefromto cleanmore carefully is the grill or plate that comes into direct contact with the food during cooking. Before you seehow to clean the barbecue, we offer you some general advice on the routine maintenance of this garden accessory.

  • Gas barbecue
    The heat sources must be switched off when cleaning the grids. After cleaning the grids, lubricate the surface with olive oil.
  • Pellet barbecue
    There cleaning it must be carried out when the grills are still hot. Use a barbecue brush like the ones shown in the photo above.
  • Barbecue with chromed steel grids
    If the grille is not black like the one shown in the photo above but it is chromed, to avoid the appearance of rust you will have to lubricate it well. After cleaning, soak a napkin with olive oil and wipe it along all surfaces of the grill.
  • Barbecue with cast iron grills
    Again, after cleaning, you will need to lubricate all surfaces of the grill to prevent the appearance of rust.
  • Barbecue with coated plates or grills
    Porcelain steel or porcelain cast iron grids must be washed without the use of brushes but only with sponges. Before use it is recommended to lubricate the coating with oil to prevent food from sticking.

How to clean the barbecue

First, let's seehow to clean the barbecue braziercoal.

Before using any cleaner, turn on the barbecue and make the grill hot. The heat will burn any food residues and make cleaning easier with an iron brush.

The brushes for clean the grill from the encrusted barbecue they are generally made of stainless steel and, if they have stiff bristles, they should be used carefully. Make sure you buy a good quality brush.

It is not difficult to find brushes forclean the barbecue: on the market you will find many models. Among those with the best value for money we point out the hard three-pointed brush that can be bought on Amazon at a price of € 9.49 with free shipping. For all information you can consult the official Amazon page "PePeng Brush". If you don't like shopping online, know that even at Leroy merlin you can find brushes forclean the barbecue grills: a hard brush with short bristles costs around 13 euros.

If there are stubborn encrustations, continue like this:

  • Heat the grill and let the heat “soften” the dirt.
  • Let it cool but do not cool.
  • Pass the newspaper sheets on the grid to remove the coarsest residues. Rub them vigorously, as if they were rags.
  • Prepare a solution of water and sodium bicarbonate (2 tablespoons of bicarbonate for every half liter of water) and spray it on the grid to be cleaned. Also wet the brush with the same solution.
  • Pass the brush to remove encrustations.

Please note: if thebarbecue grill is cast iron, better not to wash with water and bicarbonate, indeed, you should prefer a dry cleaning using only the heat and the brush. With cast iron grills, the ideal would be to always clean the barbecue just after cooking or start the bbq for 15 minutes before cleaning.

Detergents for cleaning the barbecue

In case of persistent dirt and grease deposits, it is possible to use a specific detergent for cleaning the grids of thebarbecueand its steel components.

In this context, pay attention to your choice: most of the detergents on the market are very aggressive, this means that not only are they bad for your health and that of the environment, but they risk damaging or aggravating the situation of thebarbecue to clean. Consider that, after the use of chemical products, thebarbecueit must be rinsed with plenty of water to eliminate any residue of the product. It is always good to read the manufacturer's instructions before using the barbecue for new cooking of food.

Among the most famous detergents to clean the barbecue we point out those "Weber". To get an idea of ​​the various products, we invite you to visit "this Amazon page". These are the products with the most positive reviews as they effectively degrease the grids. Despite the positive opinions, before resorting to chemical detergents, try washing the barbecue with:

  • Coca Cola
    To be brushed when the grills are still very hot
  • Water and baking soda
    To be used with the hot grill brush

Barbecue maintenance

Therecleaninggrids is not the only operation to do forclean the barbecue. Periodically it is essentialto cleanthe heat diffusers and the braziers. These components must be washed and cleaned when the barbecue is completely cold.

To clean the brazier of the barbecue, avoid detergents (even if specific), just use dry cloths and a good vacuum cleaner. If you really intend to do late-season or very thorough cleaning, wash the brazier with plain water and natural Marseille soap.

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