Beware of the "Coca-Cola powder" sold in Venezuela

Beware of the

Despite the eternal Venezuelan economic crisis, despite the trade restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the Venezuelan social quarantine that with a mask, restricted the street consumerism of all Venezuelans, and despite any regrets that we despite the heart, because in Venezuela new products for mass consumption continue to appear, and Venezuelans continue to risk their lives in the streets for the love of capitalism.

Queues, more queues and a lot more queues

There is no virus on the face of the Earth that can eradicate consumerism in Venezuela, and unfortunately, the queues in Venezuela are not to enter the library and read a good book, the queues in Venezuela are not to enter the church and pray on your knees to God, the lines in Venezuela are not to enter an animal shelter, and adopt a furry little dog from the street.

The smelly tails that enrage the tired feet of Venezuela, always sweat and endure, for the love of the worldly material things of the World.

The worldly things that are eaten and shit in the form of feces, the worldly things that steal the Christian faith and leave you spiritually empty, the damn worldly things that are deified by the majority of Venezuelans.

In the month of July 2020, I observed a queue of approximately one hundred compatriots, who were filling up with hemorrhoids in front of a popular Mini Market, located in the center of the city of Mérida in Venezuela.

As I walked slowly but surely along the bordering consumers of the street queue, I heard a lady say that in the Mini Market, they were selling a liter and a half of Coca-Cola powder for 25 thousand sovereign bolivars.

Thinking of foreign readers who read my words, I want to tell you that in Venezuela, 25 thousand sovereign bolivars are simply nothing. An old coin, a tack, a marble, an ant, less than a penny, a gift.

They say that the neighborhood of Chavo del 8 is really beautiful, because it is not worth a penny. Well, 25 thousand sovereign bolivars in Venezuela are less than a penny, so my foreign readers can already calculate the depression.

If the Venezuelan Mini Market was really selling a liter and a half of Coca-Cola powder for 25 thousand sovereign bolivars, we understand the reason why so many Venezuelans were making the hemorrhoidal cola in front of the Merida supermarket, since in Venezuela the liter and a half of bottled Coca-Cola, currently exceeds 300 thousand sovereign bolivars.

Due to the Venezuelan economic crisis, buying a Coca-Cola is more than a luxury in our country, because due to its high price it escapes the poor salary and escapes from the pockets of Venezuelans, and although I consider that this situation is a positive aspect to stand out from the crisis, because many Venezuelan people are no longer getting sick or poisoned because of the soft drinks sold by transnational companies in Venezuela, because on the other hand, I also understand that Venezuelan consumers are imprisoned as always in their limbos of ignorance, They are ambitious to buy and drink the very cheap Coca-Cola powder, because due to its very low sale price, you would have to be an idiot to miss out on that bargain.

If I were another idiot in the world, I would also queue for the love of Coca-Cola powder, because if Venezuelans are condemned to continue suffering the martyrdom of the economic crisis, it would be better to spend the martyrdom of life, drinking enough liters of cold Coca-Cola with enough ice cubes, to forget so much governmental misfortune and to accelerate the frenzy of all the worms, which will eat our bodies very quickly inside the coffin.

The dream of many Venezuelans, became a frank reality. The addictive flavor of Coca-Cola was sold powdered and very cheap, to the delight of consumers who are addicted to the bubbly North American drink, and just by dissolving and mixing the powder, in a liter and a half of cold water and with ice, because magically Venezuelans would drink and enjoy the sacred taste of Coca-Cola, at a price even cheaper than the value of mineral water.

Do we buy the Coca-Cola powder or do we not buy the Coca-Cola powder?

I know that curiosity killed the cat, and although I love the intriguing intelligence of cats, I did not want to lose the sacred gift of life for a Coke.

However, I risked my life for the feline and for worldly curiosity, so I went to the entrance of the Merida Mini Market, and asked the manager of the store who was standing in front of the door, if a liter and a half of Coca-Cola powder at 25 thousand sovereign bolivars.

The manager of the Mini Market told me that they were selling a liter and a half of Coca-Cola powder for 25 thousand sovereign bolivars, for which, not only the incredibly cheap price of the product was confirmed, it was not only confirmed that the powder was yielding a liter and a half, not only confirmed the reason why people continued to lengthen the hemorrhoidal tail in the street, but the most important thing was confirmed: the real existence of Coca-Cola powder.

I was surprised to hear that they were actually selling powdered stomach cancer, and although there is still no cure for stomach cancer in the world, because apparently, the magic formula that produces stomach cancer in Human Beings had already been revealed, So thinking of a better future for Humanity, I also made the endless queue in front of the Mini Market in Merida, hoping to buy the Coca-Cola powder, but not to consume it, but to use the powder as an object of scientific study, in For the sake of determining the ingredients, which are damaging the health of Man.

I guess I became an idiot too, because I also stood in line.

After suffering on the bloody morning cross, by a mundane queue on the Venezuelan street, after hearing all the rudeness and vulgarities that the supposedly Christian Venezuelan neighbor says, and after praying again and again the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, to purify my spirit in the midst of so much dirt, because finally it was my turn to enter the hell of the Mini Market in Merida, and to finally buy the famous Coca-Cola powder.

It turns out and happens my dear brother readers, that the so-called "Coca-Cola powder" that is being sold in supermarkets and supplies in Venezuela, is a product manufactured by a company in Turkey called Golden Group, and in fact, the drink in powder is sold commercially as "Golden", and although Turkish powder certainly imitates the cola flavor of American drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola, although Turkish powder certainly claims to yield up to a liter and a half, and although it certainly It cost 25 thousand sovereign bolivars, as we must clarify that the sale of the Turkish product as "Coca-Cola powder" was a vile marketing trick of the Merida Mini Market.

It is true that the visual design of the Golden's packaging is very explicit and is very suggestive to the eye, and the consumer will really feel that he is buying the "Coca-Cola powder", but beyond the advertising strategy of the Golden company. Group, which seeks to sell its powdered mixture to prepare a sugary drink with artificial cola flavor, because I believe that we should all reflect on the food safety of Venezuelans, and we can begin to meditate thinking about an old but infallible saying, which always He tells us: "Cheap is expensive."

If we all know that Coca-Cola is rat poison for human health, since I consider it very harmful to the health of Venezuelans, buy the 9 grams with the Golden powder cola flavor, because in addition, the Golden Group company also affirms that your product is a source of Vitamin C, which is obviously false, since with aspartame, acesulfame K, tartrazine, titanium dioxide and xanthan gum, Turkish powder can only be a source of disease.

The artificial colors, flavor stabilizers and acidity regulators, which Golden's Coca-Cola powder presents, do not allow the drink to be a natural source of Vitamin C for the well-being of consumers, so as with the original and famous American Coca-Cola, because Golden's Turkish powder is also a terrible source of diabetes, obesity, constipation, cavities, gastric ulcers, migraines, heartburn, flatulence, anemia and vomiting

The Human Being's organism suffers a world with the intake of chemically manufactured and artificially flavored beverages, which always generate gastrointestinal problems due to the alteration of the digestive system, urinary infections due to inorganic liquid drunk, and the impairment of our immune system, which cannot defeat the arsenal of toxic and transgenic substances that, although they enter our body, cannot later be released.

Be careful my dear Venezuelan brothers. Very careful!

The great despair of Venezuelans, who want to buy with a penny what a million bolivars are worth, has made our consumerist Bolivarian people a victim of scams, fraud, disappointments, impunities and claims, since every day our people buy products of dubious origins, which are illegally sold by the thousands of unscrupulous people, or rather, by the thousands of Venezuelan criminals who abound in our homeland tricolor, and who take advantage of the eternal Venezuelan economic crisis, to profit by selling counterfeit and dangerous articles, which are sold as 100% original products.

Toothpastes, powdered soft drinks, soaps, jellies, vegetable oils, shampoos, compotes, condoms, canned sardines, precooked flours, razors, disposable diapers, mouthwash, coffees without coffee aromas, glues, deodorants, sanitary napkins, matches.

In most cases, cheap articles and foods for mass consumption do not have the necessary sanitary permits, to be able to be legally distributed and sold in Venezuela, and in fact, they tend to arrive through the tricky ways of smuggling, of the black market. , from resale and a filthy import, which travels from China, passes through Turkey, and happily reaches Venezuela.

But unfortunately for Venezuelans, the Ministry of People's Power for Health is a mediocre, ineffective and unhealthy Venezuelan public body, which has no need to buy the Turkish Coca-Cola powder from Golden, because the MPPS has enough money hoarded in his corrupt offices, to buy the expensive and original Coca-Cola made by the very American Uncle Sam.

Getting sick in Venezuela is practically a death sentence, because due to the very high price of drugs in pharmacies, it is cheaper to die at home than to be cured in the hospital, and although it pains me to write the terrible social reality that my country lives, I do not It is fair that in Venezuela anything is sold, that any hell they want to sell in the streets, and the people instead of denouncing commercial illegality, they prefer to stand in line to buy it.

But who are we going to turn to to denounce commercial illegality, if even the Venezuelan police, mayors, defenders of the People and judges, also make the queue in the Mini Market, to buy the Coca-Cola powder.

We always buy illegality, we buy garbage, we buy anything cheap that they put in front of our eyes, but don't forget that between the debit card and the point of sale, there is a blind, deaf and mute Venezuela.

It is not the fault of Golden Group, the fault is not of the Mini Market, it is the fault of the Venezuelans who stand in line in front of the Mini Market, to buy a liter and a half of Coca-Cola powder, and don't even think about sneaking in , because I take the mother out.

Currently, almost all the mass consumer products that are sold in Venezuela are products of poor quality, unhealthy, and without any type of guarantee for Venezuelan consumers, more however, these products are sold by the usurers sellers of Venezuela, with a high degree of speculation and overpricing, as if they were the same products issued by recognized brands in our country, and generally, sellers are not honest and do not recognize that the fraudulent merchandise they sell is a scam.

The supposed Coca-Cola powder of Golden Group, should not be a product of mass consumption, and in fact, it is not a product of first necessity for the Venezuelan citizens, but the huge cola in front of the Meridian Mini Market, showed that Venezuelans they continue to praise the saying that goes: "Cheap is expensive."

Although it may seem very cheap, to pay 25 thousand sovereign bolivars for a liter and a half of Coca-Cola powder, we must not forget that the real deal for sellers is that people buy a large quantity of supposedly cheap products, which which is a very true statement, since most consumers were buying the box with 24 sachets of Coca-Cola powder, since consumers thought they were saving a lot of money, buying at a lower price the equivalent of 24 bottles of Coca -Cola, from what is evident, that the anxious and hoarders Venezuelans suffer from a disease called hyperconsumismo.

In the XXI century, Venezuelans continue to avoid drinking water. We all know that water is worth more than gold, that water is life, and that water comes from God, but crisis or no crisis, Venezuelans continue to refuse to voluntarily drink a boring and insipid glass of water, because they know they can buy cheap Coca-Cola powder, rather than drink some water.

Not even the terrible economic crisis in Venezuela could change the bad eating habits of Venezuelans, and it is Venezuelan children and adolescents who suffer from an early age, the consequences of the poor diet they receive from their parents and representatives, because we are sure that all the people who made the cola and bought Golden's Coca-Cola powder, later prepared the jar of Coca-Cola in their homes, and shared the poison with their young children and with all their families.

Knowing that Venezuelan people want to continue buying Coca-Cola, if they have the economic possibility to buy it, shows that Venezuelans have only repressed their bad eating habits, and when one day Venezuela's monetary conditions improve, and Venezuelans can change the natural flavor of bananas, for processed foods with artificial banana flavor, because all Venezuelans will forget the natural flavor of bananas, and everyone will buy all processed foods with artificial banana flavor.

Health is not a lottery game, health should not be exposed in a queue, at the mercy of buying the cheapest thing they sell on the streets. Health requires applying our capacity for discernment to avoid getting sick in a tragic Venezuela, where it is cheaper to die today than to try to heal tomorrow.

Brothers and sisters, you should not buy cheap Turkish Coca-Cola, or very expensive American Coca-Cola. Sooner rather than later, you will feel thirsty again, and you may already be so physically and spiritually ill that you may not have the strength to use good judgment in your own life.

I do not offer them the healthy water of the World either, because I know that a person accustomed to ingesting beers and sugary soft drinks will never exchange the sparkling burps of their Coca-Cola and the sparkling burps of their Pepsi-Cola, for the sacred intake of eight healthy glasses of water daily.

I don't offer them either chamomile, or star anise, or valerian tea, because due to the great Venezuelan inflation, our grandmothers no longer have money to go to the health food store on the corner, or to buy an expensive bag of chamomile, that is only sold in dollars, euros and pesos.

Today I want to offer you the water that does not come from the sin of the world, that does not have a sale price to the consumer, that does not generate a headache.

Today I want to offer you the miraculous taste of living water, which comes from the highest of divine heaven, which cleanses the stain of sin, which purifies the soul.

Brother, if you start drinking today from the great spring of living water, then you will never feel thirsty again in your life, you will never feel envy in your life, and you will never cry again for not having material things.

If you dare to drink living water today, then you will never again want to drink Turkish Coca-Cola, American Coca-Cola, or Venezuelan Coca-Cola.

Hopefully, and one day not too far away, the Venezuelan capitalists will not queue in front of supermarkets to buy three rusty cans of sardines drowned in rusty tomato sauce.

Hopefully, and one day not too distant, the Venezuelan brothers will begin to read the sacred pages of the Holy Bible, and understand that we are all dust of the Earth, and that sooner rather than later, we will all return to be dust of the Earth.

Hopefully, and one day not too far away, the Venezuelan makes an endless queue to enter the church, and to pray on his knees to God.

Today is a good day for us to think about health, about the future, about life.

By Carlos Ruperto Fermín

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