Houseplant, which one to choose

Houseplant, which one to choose

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Indoor plant: advice for every need. With flowers, for dark, elegant, easy to grow, classic or original environments.

How about decorating your home with a gorgeous houseplantor create a beautiful flowered corner?
The species that we find from nurserymen are many and there is no shortage of alternative choices such as the Voodoo lily, the living stones or lithops, the Venus flytrap and the lucky bamboo. Among the classic houseplants we remember aloe vera and orchid. On this page we will give you some ideas to choose thehouseplantbest suited to your needs.

Lucky Bamboo Houseplant

The Lucky Bamboo has now become one houseplant cult, a must in the kitchen. This plant should never be left without water and should never be exposed in full sun, so it is perfect for those who do not want to place it near windows and windows.

Easy to grow indoor plants

Spathiphyllum wallisii is one houseplant very popular for its ease of cultivation. Anyone looking for aeasy to grow houseplantand low maintenance can't make a better choice. It also adapts to environments with little light.

It is better known by the name of Peace lily. It spreads a pleasant scent and is famous for its beneficial effect on air quality. Many researches have confirmed that this, thanks to its properties, is able to purify the air by capturing the small gas particles present in closed environments. This houseplant it is perfect for those with limited time, in fact it does not require great care and offers a rich flowering.

Another houseplant that adapts well to low light conditions is the Sansevieria cylindrica. This plant is very decorative and has a sober and elegant appearance. There are free-growing or intertwined specimens on the market. They are very easy to grow. The and sansevierie are perennial herbaceous plants with long, rigid and fleshy leaves.

The Sansevierie cylindrica is shown in the photo above, it is the specimen on the right. The houseplant in the image on the left, on the other hand, is theLucky bamboo.

In the images below there is theSansevieria cylindricain the Velvet touch variety which presents the tips of the leaves colored and velvety to the touch.

Houseplant without soil

There houseplant that best suits a modern style of furniture, is the dischidia pectenoides. Some companies, such as the famous Bakker, they propose it exhibited in completely transparent cylindrical vases.

Dischidia is a fast growing climbing variety. Its concave leaves express a great ornamental sense, the base of the plant can be embedded in a rock or placed in a snail shell that recalls the shapes of the leaves.

Who intendsgrow houseplantswithout soil it can exploit hydroculture. The most suitable indoor plants for growing in water and expanded clay, without the use of soil or loam of any kind, are:

  • Ficus
  • Calathea
  • Pothos
  • Dracaena
  • Philodendron

For all information on thegrowing houseplants without soilwe refer you to the page: hydroculture, how to get started.

Climbing plant in the house: ivy

A houseplant ivy is very underrated! Hedera helix, very easy to grow and extremely decorative thanks to its deep green foliage.

It does not tolerate direct exposure to sunlight and grows well even in areas of the house where little light arrives. The plant is extremely cheap, from nurseries they can also be found for a lower price of 5 euros.

Original houseplants

Who prefers oneflowering houseplantand unusual can point to the speciesBrighamia insignisbetter known as the palm of Hawaii. It's about ahouseplantveryoriginaland which has very long-lived yellow flowers. The plant can also be admired outside the flowering period: it has beautiful green ornamental leaves that project onto the apex of the typical palm tree trunk. In the image below, you can see the Brighamia insignis or palm of Hawaii, this is the plant on the left.

The Sansevieria cylindricain the Velvet touch variety it is certainly among themore unusual houseplantsof the moment.

Indoor plants with flowers

The list is really long, to name a few:

  • Desert Rose
  • Orchids
  • Christmas cactus
  • Indoor roses
  • Eschinanto
  • Crown of Christ
  • Calle from inside
  • Indoor begonia

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